QS Lady in the meadow Update

I put French Filigree away for a few Months to finish Lady in the Meadow for Michele so she can put her up in her new home when it is built.. model juggling .. i am an expert.. lol

i did HEAPS as you will see as there is  before and after shots
1×1 on 28 ct which feels weird stitching on 28 ct when i am so used to 32 ct for haeds etc and 35 ct for samplers.. i always have to adjust when i stitch this one


QS Lady in the Meadow

QS Lady in the Meadow


QS Lady in the Meadow

QS Lady in the Meadow



hmm notice the difference in the colours of the images.. i am still not nailing it with my new scanner am i…

here is a link to a bigger pic of her as well..

Bigger Pic Link


11 responses to “QS Lady in the meadow Update

  1. wow…what a clever girl…. that is a wonderful piece of stitching! that small hand seems to be begging for a bit more of the face – grin.
    Michele will love it! such a thoughtful gesture!

  2. She is stunning. I can’t wait to see her finished. I know she will be fabulous.

  3. You just love doing that one eye thing, don’t you? *sticks out her tongue*

    She looks gorgeous and you HAVE done tons! She’ll look so peaceful once she has her whole face.


  4. That is just amazing! I can’t wait to see her finished…

  5. That will be a fabulous and much appreciated housewarming gift, I’m sure. It looks fantastic!

  6. OMG!! I am in awe of your amazing stitching!! she is lovely! 🙂

  7. She’s gorgeous! This beauty will certainly be beautiful in Michele’s new home. i’m always in awe of all your beautiful, perfect stitches.

  8. Oh Fudgey! You stitch so beautifully!! I admire your stitching…I wish I could stitch that well! Michele is going to love it!

  9. Wow, she looks amazing!

  10. Fudgey, you made gobs of progress on her. She is so delicate looking. Your stitching looks perfecto. Michele is going to love this hangin on her new wall. What a generous soul you are.

  11. Sergey Bannikov

    Can I ask you? I’ve followed link to [www.heavenandearthdesigns.com] site and noticed that the colours on sample picture are mostly green, and your work is in differend colours, mostly brown. Did you followed the coloring of stitching schema or you have made your own color design for this work? My wife is exited about this artwork and will sticth it (when she finished his current work), but she’s a bit confused with color difference between your work and HeavenAndEarthDesigns’s sample. Can you explain this thing? Thanks in advance!

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