Sampler updates

The Olympics is not conducive to model stitching..
a lot of frogging happens during olympics as ones focus is constantly diverted to cheering various athletes/teams on
So i stitched non essential stuff… over the last 2 weeks..
which was also good timing as i had a wicked cold again… and i also find colds not good for model stitching as again lots of frogging can happen then too..
so below are updates of various samplers.. there would be a lot more of the Austrian Spot Sampler done .. if i had not… FROGGED so much… lol

so picture number one is Romy’s Austrian Spot sampler ( see prvious posts for purchase details) sttiched 1×2 on 50 count using a mystery spool of HDF silk which turned outto be a Rose of Attar combo, and the Rose of Attar series of silks for the smaller spot motifs

Austrian Spot Sampler by Romy 1x2 on 50 count linen

Austrian Spot Sampler by Romy 1x2 on 50 count linen


here is a bigger pic LINK

next up is Heritage de lettres , an AMAP chart
it is being stitched 1×1 with assorted HDF silks on Vikki Clayton’s New Linen which is a 35 ct and a very nice 35 ct too i might add, you can get it HERE i am using the undyed linen, i really like the way it has been stitching up below  it is a close up of one of the letters so you can see how it looks stitched

Heritage De Lettres ( AMAP) 1x1 on Vikki Clayton 35 ct linen

Heritage De Lettres ( AMAP) 1x1 on Vikki Clayton 35 ct linen


Leter H on Vikki Clayton 35 ct linen and LE spool colour Purple Purple

Leter H on Vikki Clayton 35 ct linen and LE spool colour Purple Purple

I am a bit in love with that Purple Purple.. it is pretty…

finally my black doodle cloth i reckon i have 2 maybe three rotations left on it..

1x1 on 30 ct black evenweave linen all hdf silks
1×1 on 30 ct black evenweave linen all hdf silks

hmmm better and bigger link HERE

yesterday i played with  my new sue purple silks.. they started off life as Sue Purple ous and Vikki ahs now dyed a full range opf the solid colours.. i am one short, missing the third in the series but it is just beautiful.
Sue-purple-ous followed by 6101-03-07-09-11-13-15-17-19

Sue-purple-ous followed by 6101-03-07-09-11-13-15-17-19

they are a lot prettier IRL, that wa s the best i could edit them too…

11 responses to “Sampler updates

  1. Beautiful!! Just Beautiful!

  2. pethairxstitcher

    Ahs and more ahs! Love how the austrian sampler is coming along too, even with the frogging! So much eye candy in this update that I am having sugar overload – grn.

    You know those purples will be lovely for a certain little kitty!

  3. Lovely updates as usual. Love the purples.

  4. ooh! I do love that Austrian spot sampler, and the silks you chose for it. Yep, I need to send you an email, will try to do that tomorrow night.

  5. I love viewing your progress pictures!! Your work is exquisite!!!

  6. Such beautiful work. all those perfect little x’s. love your colors too. the doodle cloth is such a beauty!! hope you’re feeling better.

  7. Fudgey, I love all the eye candy. Arent the purples yummy, they are so you! lol. The Spot sampler is stunning, as well as all your stitching.

  8. Fudgey..they are all wonderful! You seem to get alot done even with the cold and olympics (know what you mean about watching it and stitching..I did the same thing!) I am drooling over all of them!..just gorgeous x-stitching!!


  9. Ooooh….love the sampler on 50ct! Hmmm…..I may have to try it out. Lovely stitching, Fudgey!

  10. Oh my God! See what happens when you drop off the face of the earth, you miss out on all THESE!!! That Austrian sampler is to die for gorgeous, I want one! And since when did Vikky start dying linen! Man, I soooo need my furniture to arrive cause I can’t cross stitch on the floor … pout. Thankyou for posting all the beautiful eye candy sweetie, that AMAP is absolutely gorgeous too. 🙂

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