A Freebie finish and an unreleased chart wip

This is my new Finish AMAP Alphabet tree freebie ( beware looking atthe charts… it is easy to spend money here as we all know) When i saw this freebie on Friday i immediately emailed it to paul to be printed ( i have no ink,……)
and started it on Saturday, it was such a fun , fast stitch i had it done by last night ( sunday night)
yes it is bright, i wanted to create a tree that would have lived in The Enchanted Forest, i think my tree is enchanted….
i used the wonderful new LE Black/double deep purple/double midnight velvet silk from hdf for the trunk and branches ( see my letter N off my heritage lettres sampler below for a better look at how well this stitches up)
i also used the lovely discontinued holly leaves for the leaves and my precious LE zinnia goldrush mix for the alphabet ( paul picked that colour i had been going to use hot pink ) it is stitched on the wonderful 35 ct undyed linen from HDF 1×1 of course…

AMAP freebie Alphabet tree stitched on HDF 35 ct linen 1x1 using HDF silks

AMAP freebie Alphabet tree stitched on HDF 35 ct linen 1x1 using HDF silks


and a better look at this lovely dark toned silk using my letter N as a model…again 1×1 on HDF 35 ct linen

a bigger pic is HERE
Vikki is not going to make it a regular colour, but instead creat Old Maihd of The Abyss replacing the double deep purple with double Sue Purple… yes you read correctly Vicky , i nearly fell off my seat wiuth excitement too, what an AWESOME name
next is the test for Michele’s yet to be released Dutch Filigree Sampler i have stitched away on quietly . We were testing the chart and the colours.. amazingly independently of each other michele and i chose the same colours for the sampler… so they are meant to be obviously this is sttiched 1×1 on 35 ct cream weddigen linen ( my number 1 fav ) using 4 of the Woad Blue series from HDF it is a bit higgledy piggeldy cos i was tracking down the chaert trying to get all the blues stitched so we could see if they worked.. each unfinished bit ends in a swirly whirl like the top bit
1x1 on 35 ct linen using woad blue series form HDF

1x1 on 35 ct linen using woad blue series form HDF

I was playing on the Dessins site..
the only thing that saved me from purchases was my irrational fear of ordering from non english sites.. yes i know they have an english version but i always worry if there is a problem no one will understand my when i email.. or i won’t understand them..
it is a good policy from the point of view i am addicted to Renato parolin charts which are also really only available on non english sites , or i would be $100’s in debt on his charts alone… and don’t get me started on AMAP charts i could spend $300 in five minutes there no worries
anyway i started looking at Black Lace again….
( yes we should all go run and hide.. how many of us have that chart… 4-5 ??? who started it….)
also look at the cute kitties on the front page especially my kitty Paula…

11 responses to “A Freebie finish and an unreleased chart wip

  1. Black Lace!! I have my floss and fabric – just say when and I’ll start with you!

    You do the lovliest stitching *sigh* it’s all sooooooo pretty!

  2. WOW Each piece is fabulous. Great stitching as always.

  3. fudgey, the tree from AMAP turned out so beautiful. You can get some really nice freebies these days it seems. It looks so good on the non-dyed linen. Such a pop of color. Thanks for turning me onto it. (hugs) Nance

  4. Everything is looking beautiful!

  5. I’ve got a little crush on Dutch filigree (especially in those blues – I have a weakness for blue). Can’t wait to see the full piece.
    The AMAP tree turned out splendid! You are such a speedy girl!

  6. Love how your tree turned out. now you know you are so baaaad at tempting me. i still want to make xstitches like you when i grow up. giggle am really liking how the Dutch filigree is turning out. like it a lot better than the French one.
    as for the kitties….. whine…..
    the last time you showed me a kitty chart (the 3 black kitties from imaginating) i ended up getting the chart. you get me in soooo much trouble.

  7. I love your tree and I also Love Black Lace. I can’t wait to see more of Dutch Filigree. Hugs

  8. That Dutch Filigree is amazing, love the blending of the blues and how they overlap….dutch…hmmm what other colour could you have picked? Makes me think of all that lovely blue porcelin.
    Oh those kitties are dangerous. Norty Miss!

  9. *fidgets* Dessins is SO dangerous. I don’t *need* anything new, but it’s red and it’s pretty and it’s, well, RED and it’s PRETTY! And, darnit… *sigh* I wonder what else I can order… Kat’s on vacation and she needs something new mmmhmmm, yes she does.

    And best of all, I can blame it all on you, Fudgey! *hugs!*

  10. Lovely work. Those blues go together well.
    Yep, I’m up for Black Lace. I have the chart and silks now (all my stuff finally got here a week ago), I just have to find the box they are in, and buy some fabric.
    Yep, Dessins and AMAP are dangerous. And even worse now that I’m in the UK, they will get here VERY quickly 🙂

  11. your work is wonderful!
    I love this AMAP freebie.
    I can’t found it anywhere, would you please tell me
    if you can share it with me.
    thanks so much and congrats for you work

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