Serenity update

whilst i feel anything but serene today  ( trolls ) i thought it a good time to try and create some serenity by posting my precious serenity sampler

mind you this piece nearly defeated me last week..

for what ever reason i came across a mofif i could not stitch…

i could stitch about 10 stites and then have to wander off and do something took me about 4 days to stitch it, and then the next one which was bigger took me one day..
that has happened to me before.. when i suddenly hit a motif in a sampler that just defeats me… and i go so slow it is ridiculous.. anyone else ever experience this or is it another of those special fudgey traits?

so anyway the short version of this is.. i am one motif short of what i usualy do in each serenity rotation pout..

Mum saw it for the first time on the weekend and she thinks it is the best thing i have ever stitched.. in general my mum does not get my stitching at all, so that was a rare surprise.. i don’t do much my mum is ever impressed by
a reminder 1×1 on 35 count using hdf silks conversion for the Martina Dey sampler Serenity

for a bigger image click HERE
the rogue motif was the bottom right light green one.. the one i did in a day was the mid gren one diagonal to the right above it…  bizarre i tell you!

In other random chat… my comissioned piece froMichele Lee Phelan arrived and it is lovely.. many of youwill be surprised by the colours but when she did a sketch , it became clear the only colours that would suit her would be autumn ones.. so now i have an autumn coloured original aceo form Michele!

I love her work , she is so at one with nature and the environment in general.. i am sad she is not interested in having her work licensed for  charted, but i respect her reasons why. Every year i try and treat myself to one of her comissioned pieces.. her wonderful work can be found here…
Dreams of Gaia and my precious little aceo can be seen Autumnal Dryad

I now own Cirques de Triangles ( inkcircles ) now too. janine is having a 15% off sale for spring and well i just had to order it…. Colours down Under

and it would seem a lot of people want to get this Black lace chart started..
hmm might be time to get a coordinated sal of some sort started…

edited to add…

OH WOW!!!!!

i just looked on papillion Creations after posting this i love this new design.. Cotillion
Soo many possibilities/……


5 responses to “Serenity update

  1. Love Serenity Sampler. you have done a beautiful job on it. mom’s comments are right on. your Autumn Dryad is very pretty. there you go trying to tempt with Cotillion. it is a beautiful piece
    as for your stitching problem on the motif, i have had the very same thing happen. it doesn’t matter if it’s an easy motif sometimes they just don’t click the way they should when stitching. thanks for sharing your pretties.

  2. It just goes to prove that one never truely understands mothers but they do have good taste! that sampler is devine…figures that it would be a green motif that had you stumped…wonder if it would have had the same impact if it were purple (evil grin)
    btw…motifs that stump happen up north as well as down south–giggle

  3. I am very impressed with your Serenity is gorgeous! I, too, have had the motif problem! The cotillion sampler is wonderful..I saw it the other day when they e-mailed the newsletter with “how does your garden grown” installment. The little autumn dryad is too cute. I love it when you update your blog and share your pretties and “enabling” with us! big hugs.

  4. Oh why did I click on the cotillion link? I love your pretty stitching but you keep getting me hooked on more and more sites. hee hee
    Hope your weekend goes better!

  5. Serenity is looking stunning..wish I could see it IRL. Yes, I have had that problem with motiff’s. I just finished one on my Mystery from Martina. Just when I thought I had my last few stitches in it, I would have to frog. Sometimes it’s just hard to pick the best stitchy road to take on some of them. I adore your ACEO, with fall being my favorite season and all. She has captured the colors beautifully. Congrats on owning her. There you go…enabling me again, lol. With Papillon creations. It looks like a Fudgey chart to me. I would love to see your vision on this one. hugs.

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