Needlework show lust list….

so most of you would not be surprised to know i am lusting over certain charts..

a definate is one i have been eyeing off since Tracey blogged it..
croakworth …. i love frogs incase anyone had forgotten

whilst on the inkcircles page i also want to point out this lovely chart from AAN.. which touches the little greenie in me.. Madre terra but i think that might need to go in the futures basket

another definate for me is the Carina spot sampler.. i have worked out withthe exception of The Beatrix potter sampler i am not really a quaker motif person and prefer spot sampler motifs more in general, and martina does lovely ones..
Carina is one i have wanted since she put it in her blog months ago it is 401 x 401 in size.. how cool is that ( yes i know i have issues don’t i )

another on the to track down later is this one from Keslyns.. i am intrigued by it, but i want to see a better picture a close up Stitchers Web
as is this one.. i like the simplicity of the design and i would like to make another bourse without having to work out the design to go in it.. Celtic Thunder

I have already requested this one from Janine , klast week.. i am not normally a christmas sttiching fan, but i really like this one for some reason.. On the twelfth Day
but the store that got me most hot under the collar  ( apart form craokworth and carina) was a needlepoint store.. i know, like i need to add needlepoint to my obsessions.. but there were DRAGONFLIES , bright beautiful dragonflies, and bright celtic knots and and and….
i can’t afford any of them really given i have had 4 aborted attempts at needlepoint in my time… so chances of me doing anything with the kit would be remote, but LOOK  especially tiffany dragonfly and delicate dragon flies, but also if you go to her site you will see other pretties i loved

i also liked rovaris paula look at their actual website for the kitty charts i was mentioning.. i liked more on their actual site than what they had at the needlework show, some nice cats, hearts and alphabet charts, but also spme cool soft toy cat patterns etc..

oh and one more paula thing.. sweetie when i saw this i thought of you… the picture is better at abcstitch i might add.. Bear cub


a source of irritation right now is , i can’t find 2 charts for the scavenger hunt thing.. i have been through TWICE.. obviously i am suffereing from my age old problem.. easily distracted…

and a picture of my norty new start.. this frogging thing is out of hand i sttich an hour frog an hour sttich an hour frog an hour… so i started the new Martina Day sampler mystery it is a spot sampler
i am sttiching it on HDF undyed 35 ct linen 1×1 of course and using the full range of suepurple silks from hdf as well including some varigates it is a 1 page a week sampler, i doubt i will keep up , but at least i have made a start this is page 1

and the tale of woe and misery which is heritage de lettres..
see the beautiful graceful Q… in the lovely LE pink Grapefruit… it is in the WRONG spot… mumble mumble grump..
now i have scaned it i have to frog it.. next time you see the q it will be a different colour… i will use the pink grapefruit ofr something else now…
and the F is being done in Acts of Violets… yum.. the start of the S is in a LE aquamarine series spool i got as a mystery spool, the L is in my fav yellow silk colour.. seasilk  and the pretty pink bit will be the letter R it is winterberried


5 responses to “Needlework show lust list….

  1. There are some beautiful charts you mentioned. as a matter of fact i love every one that you picked out. i had looked at Martina’s charts and love them too. Those Dragonflies are to die for. i would be very tempted but i’m allergic to wool so can’t do them. also love the shells too. if they came with cotton threads i’m thinking what a beautiful treat and fun to do.
    going to check out the rovaris site after this. like some they have at the needlework show. thanks for recommending them. love that cub too. he is too cute.
    i’m loving what you’ve done on both your pieces. love the violets but those Suepurples are still calling my name. i might have to splurge and order those. Martina’s spot sampler looks gorgeous in those colors. your work is just gorgeous. i know i always say that but it’s true and i really admire what you stitch.
    i’ve sure given the word “love” a big workout but it’s how i feel. giggle.

  2. Oh…very pretty as usual. I love looking at your silk stitching, you have been busy! Purples, Frogs and Dragonflys.. that must add up to Fudgey heaven,((HUGS))

  3. Such pretty new things! But even better all your pretty stitching!


  4. Love your spot sampler..the purples..Yummy! Also love your color choices in “lettres” very pretty! I have been trying to avoid the needlework show..(knew it was on after the e-mail from Tracey.)then you go and post pretties that I “had” to go and take a look at..tee-hee! Well, it doesn’t cost to look and drool! (as long as that is all I do!) After seeing your lettres makes me want to start mine and use some of my different pretty silks enabler, you! HUGS

  5. I am in love with that tiffany dragonfly…oh why did I go and look (giggle) you always manage to pick the most lovely of things to tempt me with… and that tree!!!!!
    The suepurples are scrumptilious (a new word…giggle) and I love it…as I do the poor Q who needs to be frogged. Tis a cruel world when grapefruit Q’s must be condemed to the scrapper!

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