a thought

keep reading in various BB’s etc people beating themselves up about never stitching all their stash

my thought is… does this matter..
my answer is … NO
and i might add it did not take much thought to come up with this..
it just requires people adjust their thinking and accept that they need to be kinder to themselves

i am a collector of good charts, linens and silks,
no collector uses all the things they collect..
i know for a fact people who collect first edition barbie dolls do not take them out of the box and play with them,

people who collect vintage cars do not in general drive them ,

people who collect spoons do not use a different special spoon every time they make tea

and stichers do not have to use all their collection of fine charts, linens and silks ( or cottons )

my collection helps keep small businesses running, makes no one ill, puts no ones life at risk, and does not harm my health or wellbeing in any way except to make me happy
i never spend beyond what i allocate each fortnight from my “allowance” ( well hardly ever … blush…. )

same as i do not care if i never finish any of my personal wips.. i like having wips, they satisfy my curiosity about a chart that i am obsessed with.. sometimes they hold my attention for a long time, sometimes a short time.. i usually go back to them when their voice gets loud again.. but if i don’t i do not dwell onit and see it as a reason to beat myself up.

i can do that just fine about my agoraphobia, ptsd, fibromyalgia, etc etc etc

its weird someone so riddled with anxiety, depression, stress responses and phobias can find it within herself to not let these things be added to the mantra of worries and fears
really it makes no sense

i sttiched an ornament the other day , Martina released one in the spot sampler mystery group ( see previous post for the picture of page 1)
i stitched it 1×2 on 50 ct using oxblood hdf and a little bit of gold sparkle thread .. if she releases more of these little gems i will stitch them all together  a s an ornament sampler.. if not and it is a one off, i will make it into a baby biscornu

which leads me too..

does anyone know of any 60 ct linen out there….
claudia accidentally stitched an ornament on what she thought was 1×2 on 40ct but when she thought it looked very small she checked and found it was about 60 ct ( she got the fab in a grab bag of 40 + ct fabs so it is unidentified)
but NOW i am dying to get some and try it out i want to make pretty little x’s like hers

i found some 64 ct which is used for cutwork etc and i ordered a piece of that.. to see if it can have x’s done on it… but if any one knows anything about 60 ct …..


11 responses to “a thought

  1. That is just so… so… so… well, rational.
    Bless you for that bit of wisdom.

  2. here here!
    With a house full of things I collect (not just stash i must admit) I wholeheartedly agree.
    Though I haev to admit the my collection of limited edition dead dolls etc have all been removed from their boxes and played with. People MUST play with their toys we all know what happened to Stinky Pete in Toy Story 2 … that is what happens when you don’t play with your toys they get angry!!!! and we can’t have that. I figure stash must get angry too but only if you don’t fondle it.. it doesn’t need to be made into anything just fondled and dreamed about 😀

  3. You make so much sense Fudgey, I’m going to keep re-reading your post until it sinks into my warped little brain.
    I have so much cr*p going on in my life right now, I really need to learn to relax and just enjoy stitching, not worry about what will or won’t get started/finished.

  4. I have to admit I go through these moments of anxiety now and then but having a friend like Janine (and her best friend Marilyn) does kind of put everything in perspective! Thank you for your thoughtful post. Good luck finding your dream 60ct.

  5. Thank you for that. I am a big collector-I admit it. Looking for charts,fabric, threads all make me happy. Owning it makes me happy. I think when you read how some are trying so hard to destash that it makes you feel guility for wanting more and sometimes people can’t help but compare themselves to others.

    Great ornament and yikes I have never seen 60 count!

  6. GULP!!! 60 count!!!!!


  7. So glad to read this post! I have been thinking the exact same thing for a couple of days/weeks now. Nice to hear someone enjoying their hobby so much. ((Hugs))

    Best of luck finding the 60 ct. fabbie!

  8. On the collecting side – just finished ordering 2 Needlepoint cushions after reading your blog & going to Carolyn’s site!


  9. I have to admit to being a collector. There was a time when I thought I would never have a finish. I started finishing projects when I stopped worrying about it. I now have a few HAED finishes. Stitching is my release.

    Love the ornament by the way.

  10. YOu are so right on regarding stash and collecting!! gotta have a spot of relief in this life. xstitching is mine and i love every minute and chart and thread and etc. it brings into my life thanking the powers that be i can do it.

  11. I look at it this way; the more I have the longer I will live!
    After all, I plan to finish them all and if not, I shall die trying -grin. Plus, it brings so many wonderful people into my life.

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