Lady in a Meadow update

I am the current queen of singel stitches..
i can not even begin to tell you how many little spaces i filled in to the forest growth above her head..
i am at that stage of a haed chart where the closer i get the further away it feels…
Haed sttichers will know exactly what i mean…. it can take 2 days to do a 3cm x 3cm piece when working on forest floors etc , well it can me anyway
i will have another update tomorrow hopefully of my Mystery Spot Sampler

for a bigger picture see HERE

note the differences in colour. i continue to wage a battle with my new scanner

7 responses to “Lady in a Meadow update

  1. Fudgey..she is a lovely looking lady! Such beautiful stitching! I am also a Queen of detail stitches..been putting in little stitches on Capricorn (L. Ravenscroft) and can’t see much progress.. but I continue on….

    Was reading the other blog about stash and I totally agree. I have a Fairey Glen fairey collection and they set on my antique buffet where I enjoy looking at them. I also collect Boyds Bear collectibles and they sit on our dresser where I admire and enjoy them..I don’t play with any of them. So, I too, think of my stitching stash as a collection of fine fabric, threads and charts to drool over and enjoy. I don’t beat myself up over enjoying such a wonderful hobby!

    Take care dear one.


  2. Remember, technology is your friend!

    She looks lovely even without the rest of her eye! *sticks out her tongue*


  3. She looks amazing!

  4. You are my Idol!
    Now do not tell me about any more about detail stitches or i will melt in a puddle of terror at the thought of doing the full chart!
    She is lovely as always…but then I keep saying it over and over!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! Micehele will be thrilled.


  6. What a gorgeous piece!!! Fudgey your work is exquisite. this is a favorite of mine so i’m enjoying seeing your updates a lot. always enjoy them all but this one is a special one. the detail is amazing in this chart and you are capturing each and every stitch. looking forward to your sampler too!

  7. The detail is amazing! I love how she is coming to life. All those single stitches are SO worth it.

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