A very purple post

I just thought i would pop in and show you my page two of the Mystery spot sampler..

i used the delicious dark sue-purple combo vicky and i came up with for the new motif
i didn’t start the motif which started on the edge of the page, when you do your own colour combos for something like this i find it important to get an idea of the size of a motif before deciding whether it should be light, dark, medium, dramatic etc

to recap it is the Martina Dey new Mystery Spot sampler being stitched in my own colour way 1×1 on 35 ct hdf undyed linen in the full sue purple range with extra LE colours and sue purplous at some stage







If you wish to see a bigger pic click HERE

and here is a better pic of the dark suepurple combo

i am very excited i have ordered my wonderful sounding Old Maid of the abyss silk from vikki ( 2 spools) it is double velvet midnight/black/the darkest sue purple  it will be stunning… and will definately feature in this sampler.. i am trying to pretend the aud has not plummeted.. i am employing head in the sand type tactics for now..


12 responses to “A very purple post

  1. The purples are gorgeous! I can’t wait to see the newest one you’re expecting.

    And things could be worse for you… you could be living here in the US. *rolls her eyes* We have NO idea where our economy is going save for down.

  2. I adore that silk, it is so very yummy.
    I think we can all understand how you feel, the entire world economy is going through a rough patch atm….I think the best thing is to hang in and wait.

  3. Just gorgeous!!! as you know i love the suepurplous and your use of it in the sampler is perfect imho. and of course, all those perfect x’s. you’ve gotten a lot done too.

  4. WOW It is fabulous. Love the colors. Great work as usual.

  5. Stunning as always. LOVE your color choices.

  6. I looooooooooooooooove those purples ! 🙂

  7. You changed your page…blues…I love it. reminds me of a misty morning and I bet there are mushrooms!

  8. Gorgeous purples..Perfect stitches!

  9. They are just stunning those colours. I know what you mean about the AUD

  10. Beautiful work. I do love that purple combo that you and Vicky came up with. And the old maid of the abyss sounds good.
    As for the AUD, while it’s not so great for you guys still there, I get the plus side where I can make payments on the loan I left behind and have less coming out of my monthly budget – a very good thing since other parts of the budget have gone up.

  11. wow!
    i was just browsing through blogs and found yours.. great stuff here.. do you really make this byhand,… its great!

    can you make one for me with the text Gunner4Ever


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