My Purple-icious Spot Sampler

A stitcher on the HDF board gave me the perfect name for my sue purple rich mystery spot sampler

i am loving stitching it, the purples are addictive, i keep saying i will not keep up with this sampler as i have other things to work on like heritage de lettres, and Austrian spot sampler in my free weekend sttiching time..
but then the purples start screaming my name again!!

6105 ( top left motif)
6117 ( bottom left motif)
6111 outside of next motif
6119 inside of next motif
6101 .. crown
6115/17/19 combo motif next to crown
6115 the round motif second form the end
suepurpleous star motif below round motif
6107 ( i love this shade) last motif

1×1 on hdf 35 ct

there is a bigger picture HERE

i will have a serenity update next.. i was working on it when the purple icious one called me , so i am back on it for a few more days
other than that i have been updating my wish list and trying to make a scrapblog of my sttiching.. spent 3 hours the other day then accidentally hit delete.. no joke… i am hopeless lol


4 responses to “My Purple-icious Spot Sampler

  1. It’s looking absolutely fabulous!! I love your purples!

  2. Pretty and so purple!!

    As for hitting delete… it’s been a week of blonde moments for me, too. *rolls her eyes*

  3. pethairxstitcher

    Yummy!….makes me want to just dive right in!

  4. Those all look great together. I can see why it has been sucking you in. Beautiful work as always.

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