a little finish

i needed a finish this week , so whilst recovering frm my bizarre sinus migraine thing i was hit with for 48 plus hours after paul mowed the lawn ( if this is a portent of things to come i willhave to move out when ever he mows!!)

so i stitched this little chart that has been calling me since i saved it.. using a spool of crazy feral black that vikki dyed a while back, it just seemed to suit the theme.. i mean what colour are seahorse dragons??

the chart came link is HERE

stitched 1×1 on 35 ct weddigen.. i used plain black silk for the alphabet i thought the feral black might be over kill.. lol


and here is page five of my Spot sampler so i have finished the first row and start row 2 next week..

here is a bigger picture


5 responses to “a little finish

  1. Your little “feral” dragons are dreadfully cute.

    The spot sampler is coming along nicely too.

  2. Seahorsies!!!! Love them, the colours are so happy, reminds me for a carrousel or merry go round. I think it must have been the best kind of therapy for what ailed you after Paul mowed that lawn. I do love the smell of freshly cut grass…hope that you really are not allergic to it and that it was just a fluke.
    Love the spot sampler, or is it a sot sampler – giggle! (that is what if says when i run my mouse over it -grin)

  3. I’ve had Dad visiting this week and haven’t been able to stitch much of page 5 yet – he keeps taking us out of the house (we’re recluses normally!!) Your’s is looking just gorgeous F!

    What a cute little freebie sampler. I missed that one before. Love how you have stitched it up.

  4. Freshly cut grass is evil! Evil, I tell you! It sends me into a fit of sneezing that makes me too dizzy to stand which ends up in a bout of sinus misery that sends me to bed with ice covering my face. In other words, I feel your pain. *HUGS* It’s my only allergy misery and it’s the only thing I like about cold weather… no more lawn mowing.

    The seahorses are adorabubbly-cute!! And every time I see that purple sampler of yours I can’t help but have dreamy thoughts of doing AMAP in a lovely suite of Vikki’s blues. Yuuuuuuuummmmmm…

  5. Glad you’re feeling better, it was a nasty thing you experienced.
    love your little seahorse dragon sampler. the black letters are the perfect color to set off the feral black.
    you are getting your sampler done so fast and those purples look prettier and prettier with every design you do.
    when grass is being mowed i have to keep the windows and doors closed.
    it can get nasty when allergies are involved.

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