My weekly update

I am getting closer and closer on my finish with Lady in the Meadow…
i was down cos i did not think i had done that much since last time , until i put tthe last wip pic next to this wip pic.. and i felt a lot better, technically 2 more rotations and she is done.. but knowing me i will get lured by something and it will be three.. it would be cool to be done before christmas though….

there is a bigger picture HERE

I am itching to finish her as my next model is almost ready to start.. i just have to wait for my silks to arrive..
Vikki form HDF is providing the silks and Michele the chart etc and i am stitching Jo Lynchs Carley Cat in silks on a peretty washed yellow piece of jobelan called Angels Wings From Stitches and Spice ( i think there is a link on the side for that business) thanks to the super shopping skills of vicky ( i have a thankyou gift sitting here waiting for me to get to town and post it).. Doesn’t that kitty just scream silks?

My spot sampler continues to keep me enthralled..i expected by now to have drifted off and started another sampler but no.. it is the purple factor i think..

there is a bigger picture HERE

One thing that could derail me is when my isa vautier chart arrives…… Paul’s mum has been asking me to track downa  buddha chart for her, and they have all been the thin buddhas that i have found..
then Isa released her new chart called Zen and it seems the closest we are going to get , so Paul asked me to order it.. the wonderfullady at Volarium got it in for me as quickly as possile.. and i told paul me fee for all my searching , and getting it to tasmania was an isa vautier chart of my own.. those who know me , know i want about 20 of her charts ( and 20 of renato parolin’s… shame Volarium doesn’t have his charts too)
so i ordered Envol Ephemere  which i have wanted for ages.. i really have an urge to stitch butterflies….


8 responses to “My weekly update

  1. How exciting to be so close on such an impressive protect!!

    And the purple sampler continues to be so pretty…

  2. Someday that Lady will have two eyes… some day. *sigh* Your work is impeccable as always and it will be gorgeous when done.

    Your purple sampler is amazing — totally amazing!

  3. I love how she is turning out – just beautiful!
    I’ll admit it, I’m running out of steam on the spot sampler project. I have some exchanges to do before the end of the year and I want to start Celtic Sampler Wallace… somethings got to give (and it can’t be the exchanges!!)

  4. She is looking stunning, and I love the purple sampler

  5. pethairxstitcher

    I am smitten! Your lady is so very lovely and I adore the delicate colour variations in the background…must have been a pain to do!
    The purple sampler is so fresh.
    love the butterflies, lots of possibilities there! and you are doing the kitty in silk…swoon!

  6. Lady in the Meadow is fabulous. OMG the purple sampler is stunning.

  7. Lady is drop dead gorgeous!! i think you’ve gotten her done pretty fast especially with all the single stitches in it. bet Michele can hardly wait to get her hands on her.
    love that sampler as always with those gorgeous purples.
    that Buddha chart is really nice compared to many i’ve seen. what a nice thing for you to do for Paul’s mum. she will love it.
    as for those butterflies what can i say. have you decided on colors yet? and you know i have Carley in my stash but i’m really looking forward to seeing yours in those yummy silks. you have really been a busy little dragonfly. giggle

  8. You have certainly been a Busy Bee, busy Bee, Fudgey and of course your stitching looks absolutely perfect. Lady is awesome to say the least and the purple sampler..well, what can I say? Purple is my fave color and love all the purples you are using..looks like such fun to stitch!! I have Carley Cat on my wishlist..the colors in it look wonderful! How cool it is that you get to stitch it in silks..I am betting it will look great and be such a joy to stitch!!


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