Spot sampler update

Sorry i forgot to post one last week..
so here are two more pages…

and a bigger image … HERE

I think that the first motif in the second row is the best example so far of how pretty old maid of the abyss is..
i was quiet last week as i was stitching Sue’s RR and Kerry CC model…
this week it is serenity and then next week it is back to lady in the meadow.. i may just finish her nextr rotation, depends on how i am going …
been a bit scatty lately with my stitching lol…

i have been pondering my big sampler project for 2009….
so many options…
not sure which way to go…..

i bought 3 cool books in the last two days

Softies and More Softies…  and here is their website… Softies
and i also bought the A-Z of Needlepoint…. not sure why… been loking at needlepoint stuff a lot lately…


5 responses to “Spot sampler update

  1. I love the softies books! I have the first and the second is on my to buy list. (Please don’t ask why I am commenting at 3 am).

    Spot is looking just wonderful.

  2. Just love the way all those purples work together. the more you do the better they look together. but then purple is a special color. giggle that sampler is just gorgeous.
    wouldnt be a bit surprised to see Lady done next rotation. you have done her quickly i think. she has a lot of color changes too.
    thanks for the new pic of your sampler

  3. Gone to have a look at the needlepoint book – I am finding the
    pillows you talked about from Taris Tree working up very nicely
    and I have been looking at a lot of needlepoint stuff.

  4. Your sampler is stunning. Love the purples.

  5. pethairxstitcher

    I love the purples in your sampler…can’t wait till my purples arrive and then I will have an even better picture of your work!
    Giggle…. bet I know who the lucky boys are that will be getting more designer animals – grin…they are adorable!

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