Serenity Update


I have the bottom row of motifs to go and it is done..Sounds easy when i say it like that… But one of the motifs is massive.. actually two were but i have done half the other big one already and no it isn’t just filling in that gap at the bottom left that is half a motif space which carries down below the current bottom level… so i am thinking it will be january for this finish

there is a bigger picture HERE

I think i will be struggling to get my Spot Sampler page done before the next one comes out this week ans i am starting my Lady in the Meadow Blitz… fingers crossed i can get it done this rotation… but i have my doubts … i really seem to have a 4 day rotation limit.. over 4 days on any piece and Istart making mistakes…
as was proved with serenity this time i would have been finished yesterday except i had to frog the last motif i stitched twice
And even though i cannot afford it…. i joined the new Martina Dey SAL…. i have been wanting to do some needlepoint/canvas work for a while and who can resist a patchwork heart??

Needlepoint Heart -Roseanne

yes only 10 euros… but with the AUD where it is that came to a bit over $20 … sigh


5 responses to “Serenity Update

  1. pethairxstitcher

    Oh wow! Eye candy!!!
    I know how long it sometimes take to get all those stitches in but that sampler looks great. Hope you do get the Lady done too, it looks like you might and as for those hearts… omg that looks like so much fun! Will you be doing it in the original colours (duh…. stupid question!) giggle.

  2. Oh my, but just think how much you have DONE! It’s sooo beautiful!! That heart looks great!

  3. Fantastic progress fudgers 😀
    Sometimes I waver when I look at your progress on serenity and contemplate perhaps one day…… but then I remember I don’t stitch samplers lol.

    Can’t wait to see how Lady goes I’ll be cheering for you to finish 🙂

  4. Looks lovely! And as for the heart sampler, you forget, I live in £ now and we have a decent exchange rate, next time you want something in € or £, give me a buzz.

  5. Your sampler is awesome. i think you’ve done it fast considring that you have other things going at the same time. those colors are fabulous together. hope everything goes well with Lady so you get her finished. as for the heart…….la la la la la la…… it’s soooo beautiful.

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