stash lusting

Icame to post about stash lust and discovered i forgot to post my spot sampler update lasst week…

oops sorry….. So here it is.. i didn’t quite finish page ten, but i stitched sections of the below page so i reckon i got close anyway

there is a bigger picture HERE

i am plodding along with Lady in the meadow.. Rachel will finish hers before me..
problem is pot sampler updates keep occuring and i keep getting waylaid with haed business…
and using my wii fit ( at least an hour off my stitching a day) and i had two fairly non stitchy days this week as i had to have yet another back tooth out due to my TMJ issues… i will be a toothless crone soon.. and me being me  it would not stop bleeding then got infected , and i had to have a half day to go see my new specialist … sigh…
but i will get there…..

now onto stash lust and a little whine…
no onein my family undeerstands me… they have all started sooking about how hard i am to buy for for xmas… NO I AM NOT….. i am easy.. just that they do not rate any of my interests as their interests and therfore will not gift me things i am interested in..

recent conversation.
Paul… what do youwant for xmas/birthday….
me…. HDF gift voucher and/or GV to Colours Down Under or Traditional Stitches Or 123stitch..
Paul…. i’m not buying you stuff liek that…
me… pout… why not its what i want/need….
paul… its boring
Me… how about an audible gift cvoucher then….
paul.. nah thats crap too…

phone convo with Mum…
Mum.. its impossible to buy things for you…
me.. no it isn’t..
mum… well tell me what to buy then..
me… ask paul to help you buy an online GV for HDF or … etc
Mum… no… i don’t want to do that
me… SIGH…
Mum see youare impossible to buy for…
me( silent !!!!!!!!!!!) … how about an Itunes card….
Mum…. okay .. but its boring… i can’t just give you that…
Me… yes you can.. it will give me hours of audio book pleasure.. trust me

Jury is still out on that one.. i might have at least scored an audio book out of the process

see my family does not understand me… sigh

hmmm that turned nto a BIG whine .. sorry

stash lust…
Ibought my beloved Isabelle vautier Butterfly chart , but now she has gone and designed a new chart i must have…
look at this lovely  fairy one…
Une Histiore de Fees  so now i need that one too..
if i had surplus money i would go crazy buying vautier and parolin charts…

next stash lust.. Cirque de Carreaux from tracey at ink circles…  YUM YUM YUM
need i say more… that certainly has my name on it!
Next stash lust.. The Drawn thread has released a second chart this year i really really want.. two in one year from them is something unique , the first one being Toccata 4 ( i asked paul for that for xmas as well.. he looked at me blankly and asked why)
the new one is called Morning Glory i love morning glorys and alphabets so this is a real lust for me
of course i would stitch all with my hdf silkies stash


10 responses to “stash lusting

  1. It sounds to me that it’s not that you’re hopeless to buy for, but that they’re hopeless at buying for you. They all sounded like good suggestions to me. (And your post reminds me I must go and see if this month’s Audible credit has come through for me.)

  2. Hi sweetie – sorry I’ve been MIA for a while. I’ve been reading, just less time to comment! Had to add a note today though to say I understand! There is so much stuff I’d like but my mum and dad won’t buy any of it. There’s just no point asking for crafty stuff or books as I know they won’t buy them! I have got a Pandora bead this year though – bought it myself for them to give me – the first decent present since I was 11 and got an ABBA album! LOL!

  3. Why do people insist on making gift shopping so hard…when it could be so easy for them, and rewarding for you? What could be easier than a GV to your stitching stores, or if they wanted something more ‘tangible’ then calling the store to see what you might like?

    I hope you at least get the audio book.

  4. I know what you’re saying about the gift giving/getting. I go through it every year. Why do people want to buy what THEY want, instead of what YOU want? I never understand it. I get gifts based on what the person likes, not what I like. It’s funny, I asked for gift certificates to HAED, and too. Don’t feel bad, I won’t see any of that materialize for Christmas either.
    Your sampler is gorgeous, of course, and as always your stitching is super!

  5. Cirque des Carreaux! SQUEEEEE! Kat and I are gonna start as soon as we can get our grubby hands on it.

    You would think that with his golf habit that he would figure out that stitching is your golf. Duh!

    Audiobooks shouldn’t be a problem… that’s a good suggestion!

    Your stitching is gorgeous as always, sweets. Losing all those teeth though… that’s not what you need. *hugs!*

    Starry Pooka is a FUN stitch… you gotta try it! I’m digging the look of all the sparklies, too.

    Lots of hugs and smoochies, dahlink!!

  6. I don’t understand why when you give your family a list that don’t just buy from the list.

    Hope you are feeling better.

    Your sampler is fabulous.

  7. (((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))))))) for all the above issues you’re trying to cope with. last week my mother and i had a conversation so like what you got replies to. her take is i buy people what i want them to have not what they want. my response, seems to me gifts are supposed to be what people woule like to have as it would make them happy to receive something they really want. yesterday i got an early Christmas present from her and it is something i had said i would like to have. you are against a wall with those near and dear to your heart it seems. maybe they will have a change of heart and you will get some of the treasures you so would like to have. then, youdo have some stitchy friends who just love to feed your obsession of stash. giggle. glad you mentioned some of those things in your blog. Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa is alive and well.
    your sampler is gorgeous and i’m still looking forwardto Lady when the time comes.
    take care of yourself and here’s to a better New Year with nothing but happy times and great good health. You are very SPECIAL!
    (((((((((more hugs)))))))))))).

  8. pethairxstitcher

    Poor girl, you have a lot to deal with (((((hugs))))) and it seems to me that you need all the teeth you have so you can bare them when you growl and say this is what I want. that said… the sampler is devine as always and I am inlove with the Morning glories one… you need that one for sure!
    btw… what about chocolate?????? giggle

  9. Hi Fudgey,

    I nominated your blog for Uber Amazing blog award. Details are on my stitching blog here:

  10. Hi,

    I stumbled across you blog looking for an example of exampler black iris and saw you were doing the spot sampler (I just found it and signed up for it, just waiting for the floss from Vicki to arrive.)

    Anyway, just wanted to say gorgeous stitching! Hope you don’t mind if I watch your blog, as I love looking at other peoples’ stitching, although it does inspire me, and I keep spending more and more money on stash.

    Have a good evening!

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