just a quick note before bed..

i actually finished before my rained out camping trip .. but wanted to scan it before sharing and then i wasted ages trying to fix the colours and i have given up on that pipe dream..

scanners do not like yellow/orange tones
anyway here is my fiinished  Qs lady in the Meadow
she is stitched 1×1 on 28 ct jobelan 30155 stitches ( so a itty bitty one in the scheme of things)


i did a chunk of an ornament whilst i was wathing the rain at cradle mountain.. then got home and discovered i had lost the silk i was using.. so that sucks …
hopefully it is in the car… but i fear it is at cradle mountain

and would you believe when paul readmy blog he felt so bad he bought me a HDF GV for xmas…
so it seems whining can work….

and thankyou basia for nominating my blog for an award thingy.. i don’t understand what i do nxt .. but it was pretty cool ((hugs))

next … finishing Serenity….


10 responses to “Finished

  1. Lady looks gorgeous! Congratulations on finishing her – I bet it feels
    good knowing she is going to a home that will really appreciate her!

    Hope you find your silk.

    New underestimate the power of a good whine – lol


  2. WOW She is fabulous. Great stitching as always. Sometimes whining is the only thing to do to get your way. LOL

  3. pethairxstitcher

    You whine and then you dine… on silk (ok… I know that was a bad pun but I could not help myself) giggle…. Paul is a sweetie with a heart… just goes to show you that he does care.
    Now… your lady! Wow… she is stunning and I know what you mean about scanner colours; I always have to play around with my scanner as well and then I use ACDSee to try and get it right… a royal pain.
    Still, I can picture the colours in my minds eye… you did a super job on her and Michele will be in 7th heaven!

  4. WOW, Fudgey! Lady is awesome..Michele is going to love it! You did a wonderful stitching job! Whining and what my DH calls my “puppy dog look” has worked for me for 42 1/2 years of marriage and 2 years of dating before that. Happy dancing with you on a gorgeous finish!!


  5. She’s stunning!! Just gorgeous! Congratulations!

  6. Fudgey!!! Congratulations. She’s gorgeous. I bet she looks amazing IRL, I know the one I did for mum does. And the colours really don’t scan well. What does Michele think of it?
    Shame about your silks. I hope they aren’t on the mountain. What a great thing for Paul to do also. Now if I could train Tim that well.
    Can’t wait to see the next update on Serenity

  7. Congratulations!!! Lady is beautiful!!! you did her quickly too, i think. bet Michele is a very delighted person right now.
    sorry about the floss, hope you find it in the car. you mean you got another rainy camping trip? hope you had fun anyway just getting away from everything.
    Now Paul knew you had to have more silks, good for him. he sure did a sweet thing to assuage your desire for more silks.

  8. She is beautiful! Congrats on the finish! I also wanted to pass on this blog address to you…( ) It is a French blog with pretty pics of a just finished Morning Glory which I saw was one of the patterns you would like to stitch.

  9. That is just AWESOME!! Congrats on finishing!!!

  10. It’s gorgeous! Congrats.

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