oops i forgot to blog…

I seem to have forgotten about blogging lately….
i just seem to never get around to it , which is just plan slack really as i have heaps of pics to share and heaps of stuff to mention…
actually i have not been emailling much either, sorry…

so pictures..
i learnt how to do canvas work … well taught myself more to the point by looking at stitch diagrams and started the roseanne Needlepoint heart that Martina has a yahoo sal group for
i used the congress cloth as 18 ct mono was too chunky for me..
After an agonising hour of umming and ahhing i went the HDF quince series , and found i needed 3 strands of silk for decent coverage and i have to say i find three strands a challenge so if i do another piece i might just use 28 ct and 2 strands .. i also used Vikki’s silk perle … now that is a lush fibre to stitch with!! the cream block top right is the perle . The bottom right blockis not finished .. i can not get my head around how to do the stitches over the top .. they are like a long armed cross stitch , but do not match the long armed cross stitch diagram i have in my needlepoint book… So i am waiting for the penny to drop and the light bulb to go on.. it will come at some point i am sure … So my first canvas work pic…

Before christmas i started carley Cat.. she is my new model, A combo of my two favourite things, HAED and HDF, as i am stitching her in HDF silks…  there will be a few colours i have to stitch inthe DMC as there is no direct conversion ( no dye exists as far as vikki can tell to dye the silk in the exact same dmc shade) but such is life
Paul took an awesome photo for me after the scan looked like Kitty was dead..
The gaps are the colours that are enroute as i type , a few still had to be dyed , buti was impatient and wanted to start..
the colour is still a bit off as it is Stitches and Spices Angel Wings 28 ct jobelan which is a gorgeous mottled soft yellow, but it shows how shiny the silks are!!

carley 1

carley 1

 next up is my ornament splurge i did before xmas.. they are all gifts for people, but me being me have not posted them to the recipients yet…
the first one is a martina dey freebie sttiched in a hdf silk  Moon called Sea and Petit treasure braid

next is another martina freebie stitched in the discontinued Holly Berry with gold  PTB as well


and finally i stitched the Cat’s Whiskers Christmas kitty 1×1 instead of 2×2 so it ended up TINY about 2-2.5 cm i used hdf, whisper and gold PTB

all were done 1×1 on 35 ct weddigen linen

tomorrow i will post my 2009 new start … i shouldn’t have but i  did…lol

it is in silks it is a haed chart… no other clues
and i will post about the charts on the top of my i want to start list

finally i just wantto thank all the fairies who sent my lovely stitchy gifts for christmas and my birthday, thanks to various special friends i now have masses of credit at HDF from GV’s , a new lap frame is enroute from 123stitch ( and a chart  to keep it company) and janine will be getting yet more inquiries about sourcing charts as i have money to spend there as well

i really appreciate all your kindess..


6 responses to “oops i forgot to blog…

  1. pethairxstitcher

    I adore all those pretty pictures… so much eye candy! yum yum…I can not decide which one of your ornies I love the best, they all are so pretty. Lovely work!…. and Carley… WOW… faint…Thud that picture turned out way too well; that is wicked (grin) the silks are breathtaking. It is really worth it! The canvas work is lovely as well, a bit of a challenge I would think to do it on 18 ct with 3 threads but you are doing an amazing job of it.
    And… glad to hear that you are getting spoilt. Let me know about the lab frame… I have been looking at them as well but can not decide which is best.
    hugs back at you!

  2. Ooh Charley has a little fish on his ear! He’s very pretty so far. Can I ask, what happened to dutch filigree (the blue one you did some test stitching for) – did I miss it?

    Your ornies are adorable (love the kitty cat- he must be tiny!!)

    The needlepoint is so pretty! Just lovely.

    Sorry I missed your birthday this year – I hope you had a good one!

  3. First off, hope you had a wonderful birthday! Second..LUV all your latest stitching..the ornaments..WOW! The Carly cat…done in silks luscious and your needlepoint looks awesome too. You have been a “busy bee, busy bee” haven’t you?! I haven’t gotten any stitching done in over 2 weeks. had.company and my right shoulder/arm/wrist is giving me trouble, so have been resting it getting ready for the sal coming up! anyway your stitching looks lovely as always… Hugs.

  4. Wow! your stitching is impressive. what a lot you’ve gotten done. love everything. the needlepoint is turning out great. awesome colors. always have enjoyed doing all those special stitches in needlepoint. Carley is awesome in silks. love all those pretty colors.
    your ornies are so pretty too. you always do the prettiest ornaments. picking such pretty designs.
    congratulations on all your pretties. looking forward to seeing what your new start is.
    Happy New Year!!!

  5. Everything is stunning as always. I am especially impressed with your needlepoint.

  6. What beautiful stitching! How do I get my hands on the Martina Dey freebie? It’s gorgeous! and those HDF silks…..wow. Absolutely stunning.

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