Quick poll

and it will be be a quick poll as i have to kit it up and put the fab ric on the scroll rod thingy ( something i totally suck at.. appaerntly i am scroll rod impaired)

I have two travel lap frames, the second one courtesy of a dear fairy firend who gave me  GV for my birthday/christmas a mini doodler frame from Images Stitchery Design
and i am off on a holiday for about a week… so i want put something on it that i can work on then and when ever i have 10-20 mins at home and not enough time to do a haed etc…

I can’t fit Either of my Mariska pieces on it.. or Black Lace Or AMAP alpha8  or A Garden Grew… …. sigh..

so going through my stash of things i really will stitch one day..  these ones will fit on…
just vote by commenting… i couldn’t make the poll link work.. ( i am poll link impaired as well)

Hearts Content Slpendor XV The Queen’s Alphabet sorry the pic is small , a few of you have fobs i stitched from this alphabet

The Work Baskets Odds and Evens … basically 12 months of quakers form the work basket
3 rows of 4 block or 4 rows of 3… which ever fits ..

Maw Maw’s Quilt from M Designs

Rainbow borders sampler  Jan Houtman

New Beginning  Abbey Lane Designs

Bright Spots Sampler… Samplers and Such

Odds and Ends two ( my Latest chart aquisition… ) Tam’s Creations


so what do you think??


YEs i KNOW i owe pictures… they look unimpressive on the scanner and his majesty has not been willing to be the photographer of late…

and i am so close on serenity… but i will not make it before my holiday…. pout… too much time doing haed stuff ( and wii stuff and general pfaffing around… lol) and general malaise from meds changes/increases/additions blech

and for those in cold climates… i am so full on strawberries, cherries, raspberries etc …  i LOVE this time of the year


14 responses to “Quick poll

  1. Oh i forgot to say you have like umm 14 hours to vote … from NOW
    ( Monday night aus time )

  2. Rachel (TimRachel)

    I reallly love that Maw Maw Quilt!!
    One vote for that from me.

    Have a great holiday and happy stitching

  3. Rainbow borders sampler or Odds and Ends 2.

  4. I am leaning toward odds and ends 2
    and making that decision hurt my poor little brain

  5. I like the idea of A New Beginning, myself. I have that chart and love it–it’s in my “will be stitched for certain one day” pile.

  6. I’d go with A New Beginning. It’s a lovely chart.

  7. A holiday! Wohoo! You minx for talking about it being warm and how lovely the fruit is. Bah!

    I like Rainbow Borders!

    On that note I’m scooting off to my day of stitching with friends.

    Have a wonderful time!!!


  8. My vote is for Bright Spot Sampler by Samplers And Such. I just love it.
    I am sure what ever you decide on will be fabulous.

    Have a great holiday!!!!! You deserve it.

  9. Hmm, that’s a hard one. Can I pick more than one? Some of them I think ick but I think it is more the colour-way that was chosen and if it was done in nicer colours (which I am sure you would do), they’d be good. But because my brain hurts and to get you back for taunting me with cherries, I’ll pick Odds and Evens. Hmm… I think all of them have been selected now, or almost 🙂

    Have a good trip. Hopefully I will finally get to the post office while you are away so that you have your package when you get back.

  10. I like odds and ends two..fruit sounds yummy..and a holiday..awesome.

  11. Flea chooses the Odds and Evens. She loves the little cubes. No matter what you choose it will turn out fab.

    Have a great holiday

  12. I’ll be different and The Queens Alphabet (Hearts Content)….. LOL

  13. Hmmm …. some good options there. I pick either the Jan Houtman Rainbow Sampler or Odds and Ends 2 on black fabby with lots of bright funky colours.

    I love the mini lap frame! Have a wonderful holiday. 🙂

  14. Bright Spots or Ma Maw’s Quilt couldn’t choose between the two.
    Have a great holiday. all those berries and cherries sound soooooo yummmy! please have some for me!

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