And the Winner is….

I must say firstly thankyou.. you were treasures replying so quickly..
but it ended up being almost even…
It was going to be odds and ends  until Nancy threw a spanner in the works…
yes odds and ends would look awsome on black…
i had not listed Cotillion , Kaleidoscope flower, or Winter White for that reason, i want all those on dark fabs , and as i will not have a lamp when i stitch , i had discounted ones for dark fab from the vote.. So now Odds and ends is now on that list..
so the Winner is …

after i tossed a coin Rainbow bands….
i will grab a few pretty skeins and see if i can work out to put my fab on the scroll rods.. that seems to be my issue atm…

i Promise i will nag paul until he takes pics whilst i am away an dcome back and share lots of visual candy..
oh and in case none of you realised… Colours Down Under are having a great 20% off in stock charts  ( and kits i think) and Character Creations is having a 50 % off sale !!! YES 50 % !!!
both are great ladies to deal with..  check my links to go to their stores.. though you should all have them bookmarked!!


One response to “And the Winner is….

  1. I would have picked Odds and ends so now you have another vote for that one – grin… love the pattern. Have a super time away with lots of good food, coffee and of course choccies… and a visit to a LNS if there is one (evil grin) Most of all my sweet, get rested up.

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