assorted images

Hi everyone…

i am still around, just not very chatty, as anyone waiting for emails can atest to!!

I have given up waiting for Paul to bring hom the camera so these are all scans, none of which are really true to colour except probably The Serenity Sampler and Butterfly Dream Fae is closeish, the Rainbow Band Sampler is nothing close in my opinion it is a lot clearer and intense IRL

First up i completed my Serenity Sampler

Designed By Martina Dey sttiched 1×1 on 35 ct using the Hdf conversion of the original DMC colours

I love how it turned out , but there are a few issues around it in relation to the model stitching side of things so i am fairly flat about it atm… 😦

There is a way better image here…. Serenity Sampler 

Next up is my Rainbow Band Sampler ( see link in previous post for picture etc)

this is only half of each of the six bands
i wanted to makesure i was headed in the right direction with colours
band one is the frayed denim combo from the spools forum
band two is an isle green
band three is a tarts knickers
band four is one of the goldrushes
band five is a mystery nosegay combo
band six is Hibiscus..

anyone who has hibiscus will know how the colours are off as the hibiscus is a lot pinker than this

Nextis My New Haed Start It is Elaine Cox’s Butterfly Dream Fae
I have converted it to Silks and it looks so pretty IRL
1×1 on Passione Riccamo 30 ct


and finally an update on my needlepoint heart, see earlier post for all the details


a few random musings..

If the previews i have seen for nashville are anything to go by i am going to have a massive stash increase this year… not as massive as i would like with the AUD floating around 63 Cents against the USD , but still an increase .. lol
so far Sampler Cove, Needlemania, The Cats Whiskers and a new designer ( whom i know ) Nicole Dorset are the designing highlights for me , especially Sampler Cove , Diane has out done herself

And it is wonderful to see two new charts on Kerry’s Character Creations Website, and such lovely charts too, i especially love the dragon, what a cutie he is… ( her link is on my sidebar)


7 responses to “assorted images

  1. Hello flower, missed you.
    Firstly love your finish – it’s simply gorgeous. Sorry it is leaving you a bit flat at the moment.

    As usual your WIPs are lovely, I particularly like the needlepoint. Lovely pinks.

  2. I am smitten with your serenity sampler; each time I see it I have an urge to do this one. As Cathy says, sorry that the model stitching side is a bit “flat”, wish I could make it better for you. (((hugs)))
    I am so with you on the new sampler cove charts that i am afraid to look at the others – grin… so many new fresh and lovely designs coming out.
    thanks for the eyecandy, it all looks amazing even if the colours are not 100% but it does give us a fairly good idea of your lovely work!

  3. WOW You have been busy. I love each of them. Love the colors you have picked for the band sampler.

  4. Wow, have been a busy bee. Luv seeing all your lovely wips. I asked on the Bb about the butterfly if it was your’s, now I see that it is..gorgeous in the silks!! must take a look at the new things coming from Nashville..I have tried to avoid that, but now you have peaked my interest. Are you still having real hot temps in Burney..or is it cooling down enough now to do some stitching? Hugs dear one.

  5. Wow! you’ve outdone yourself! Serenity is gorgeous, but then you know how much i love what you’ve done wtih it. Congratulations!!!
    sorry about the trouble you’re having there. (((((((Hugs)))))))))
    those bright colors in your bands are sooooo yummy!!!
    the canvas is beautiful with all those pinks and pretty stitch designs.
    you sure have been busy but have a great deal to show for it.
    know what you mean about the Sampler Cove designs. sigh…..
    hugs and more hugs

  6. I swooned before and will swoon again over Serenity. *swoon* Your colors are amazing! You have such an amazing eye for it as your band sampler shows! (I am sorry that you’re having model stitching issues, though. 😦 )

    I can’t wait to see Elaine’s work come to life. Sooooo pretty! And how can you not love all those lovely pinks?

    Lots of hugs to you! (And Di at Sampler Cove is too talented for my own good!)

  7. Hi !
    all you’ve stitched is beautiful ! Serenity is so gorgeous : i love it ! Go on !

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