Hi everyone… Anyone who wondered where my blog went the other day….
Join the club…
took nearly 24 hours to get a response from WordPress..
which was basically… oops
so there you go tis a mystery

I will have pics of Carley and my accidental new start later this week , as well as a better pic of serenity, paul was too caught up in cricket last night to do photography stuff…
yes i know another new start and there is yet another one to come…
Through some miracle i managed to track down a copy of the much sort after OOP chart from Sampler Cove of the Quaker Huswife  that is the only pic i can find of it .. i got it from somewhere else though
I am going to scare people with my colour choices.. i can’t start it yet though as the silks and fab  still need to come ( both obtained through selling silks), i have often talked about a feral quaker.. lol

I love so many things from Nashville, not sure where to start… except The Cats whiskers released even more that i loved , including Fruits of the Harvest  

I also love this piece form Prairie Moon called The Red and The Black

next post will have pictures i promise…


3 responses to “Rambling

  1. Sure glad you got your blog back.
    you have a lot of pretty charts there. however, which chart are you going to start???

  2. pethairxstitcher

    What a disappearing act! Houdini would have been proud!
    Paula is right… we need to know what you are going to stitch next, our very existance depends on it – giggle

  3. yes, do tell, fudgey..what was your “accidental new start”?? I am curious… I always enjoy your blog so can’t have it disappearing.Hugs

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