Some pictures for you …..

Hi everyone

A few pics for you..
Firstly Carley Cat…
I am finding near n impossible to get good pics of Silk pieces, the light off the silk which i love IRL as it gives that luscious shimmer/sheen is a nightmare with pictures, Carley Cat looks so different  IRL…
She is stitched 1×1 on 28 ct using Angel Wings Jobelan from Stitches and Spice ( i really want some 32 ct of this lovley fabric now)

carley cat

carley cat


Next is my latest norty new start…
apparently the only way i can stop myself from new starts is to have a sampler model ( no chance of that for a while i suspect) asthe last two times serenity would have been in my rotation i have had a new sampler start and there are two more planned at least ..!!

anyway if you have a collection of bits and pieces of thread can i 100% reccomend this amazing chart by
Tams Creations Odds And Ends 2 , it is addictive stitching, I had to force myself to stop , literally tell myself off lol

aain the colour is not accurate the fab should be pale green for starters… Girls who have been watching HDF recently you will see splashes of the amazing new fugue Blue series ( top right hand side with the sue purples and lemon drops etc ) it is stitched 1×1 on 35 ct Kail linen from HDF using assorted silk scraps both current and discontinued colours

Odds and Ends 2 Tams Creations

Odds and Ends 2 Tams Creations

and to finish with , my knitting friends … do you all have this link?? Patternfish

8 responses to “Some pictures for you …..

  1. Oh you evil woman, I just found two patterns on Patternfish that I absolutely must have. Now have I mentioned that I don’t actually knit. Pretty stitching too by the way. I loove Odds and Ends 2 and Carley Cat is adorable, silks are perfect for this design.

  2. Charley is looking wonderful! The colours are just so pretty!

  3. Both pieces are very pretty. love the yummy colors.
    Still would like to know which sampler you’re going to start. giggle.

  4. Looks fantastic as always.

  5. Love, love, love, love Carley Cat in the silks!!! Perfect as always!

  6. How bright and happy! And, of course, perfectly stitched!!


  7. That kitty of yours is the cat’s Meow! and i can picture the colours in my mind… scanners just can not do it justice!
    The Fugue blue is Gorgeous… electric comes to mind.
    thank you for the pattern site, I did not have this one so will browse later on when I have built up my resolve not to buy anything more – giggle… as it is I am having a difficult time not popping over to HDF. Our dollar is dropping again so must be good.

  8. Oh WOW!on Carley Cat..gorgeous!! Also love the odds and ends one..would love to stitch that one with my bits and pieces…very pretty and cheery looking!! So…which sampler are you starting next?? Hugs.

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