well that was a drama…

I know it is the fear of everyone who spends most of their life buying online.. especially if you are an ecclectic stitching diva from tasmania , where  sttiching LNS are like a needle in a very large haystack… but i had my visa details stolen and large purchases booked up and my savings got temporarily wiped out..

THATS why i have been quiet the last 10 days.. i have been somewhat miserable.. not good for someone with chronic depression and an anxiety disorder.

i picked it up on sunday when i got back from our camping trip  as i check my banking detailsonline 3-4 times a week.. cos i am paranoid..

and it paid off.. whilst i was ringing the credit union on monday , they were ringing me.. as after the first transaction was approved by visa.. they went wild and tried to spend over $10 000 USD , which of course was denied as i do not have that sort of money..

my card got cancelled, the money was actually still there but being held in limbo waiting for the transaction to go through.. i had to rerarrange all our payments made on cards to pauls account and transfer over money to cover it all, , and because it was international fraud , it could not be quickly sorted.. the lovely lady at the My state credit union did a bit of lateral thinking and looked up the company the goods had been ordered through ( lovely expensive hand made jewellery site)  and emailled them and told them to stop the order , she heard back from them today and they reckon the order was never made… so even more mysteriouser..

so my money was taken out of quarantine today … BUT apparently there could still be more out there, which have not appeared yet… and i am liable for them too .. until i make a fraud claim..

i do not understand it all.. i just know for over week all my money was gone and it might still go.. i mean i know it is covered by visa.. andi would get it back .. hopefully … but…

so i muddled along on Carley Cat, but decided not to share a pic this rotation.. you will have to wait a fortnight, thank goodness there are blocks of colour.. i could not stitch single stitches to save myself atm.. i am so not in the stitching groove..

then i knitted most of a lace fingerless glove in 2 ply silk/merino, but again no picture.. the camera is at school

BUT today i decided to break out my 40 ct blackforest linen from Lakeside linen and start Kaleidoscope flower ( sampler cove)..

Kaleidoscope flower.. Sampler Cove Designs !x2 on 40 ct blackforest linen ( lakeside linen) using fugue Blue varigated LE silk in 2239/41/43

Kaleidoscope flower.. Sampler Cove Designs !x2 on 40 ct blackforest linen ( lakeside linen) using fugue Blue varigated LE silk in 2239/41/43

i probably will not touch it again for months but i just HAD to see how vikki’s new Fugue blues looked on black.. it was an unanswered question that was eating away at me
what i did learn is i need the premium single strand silk for 1×2 on 40 ct as the coverage is a bit on the sparse side for my tastes , so nowi need to decide exactlywhat colour to sttich my other black linen ieces in and get some SSP silk


i have been searchingfor new hand dyed wool retailers no the wonderful Knittery is closing down  ( se is moving to the states… pout)
i have found 2 so far i really like..

Wired for Fibre  check out the 2 ply silk/casmere.. i WANT
and Sarah Durant … checkout the jitterbug  4 ply  , cant you see me with ajaunty ALIZERINE cap or fingerless gloves… i can.. lol


10 responses to “well that was a drama…

  1. How awful! I do hope everything gets sorted out quickly and stress-free. You poor thing! *hugs!!*

    I LOVE that fugue blue on black!

  2. pethairxstitcher

    I am glad that you posted as I had not wanted to bring it up but reading your post it does sound like things are slowly getting back to normal… got my fingers crossed for you that it ends with this!
    The Black forest linen looks devine and I think I will be needing some – grin… the new silk just pops on the fabbie too! Love it… I always wondered what the different was with the Premium silk (too lazy to go look) and now I know (lol)
    Drooling over your silk/casmere… pure yummy!

  3. So sorry for what you have been going through Fudgey with the Visa…what a nightmare! Hope it is all figured out for you soon. Love the blues on the black..just lovely!…and the wool..whimper..so pretty…I only knit scarves but am always looking for something new and intriquing! Look forward to seeing pics of Carley Cat!! Hugs

  4. Words can’t express how sorry I am about what you have been going through. Hope things get back to as normal as possible soon.

    Love the colors in your new start.

    Big hug!!!!

  5. Oh Fudgey, so sorry. What a pain.

    Love the Fugue blue on black, what a lovely combination.

  6. Ohh I am so sorry to hear of the fraud. I know I feel paranoid when using my card. Hugs

    Love the fugue on the black such a vibrant colour.

  7. Oh, yuck! What a stress and drama you didn’t need. I’ve had a few small charges made on my card, but never anything like that, thank goodness. I’m so glad it’s almost over and hope nothing more goes wrong.

    Take care of yourself.

    Love the blue on black.

  8. so glad the worst is over! hopefully nothing more will come up. so glad you got to work with someone who was so helpful and took pains to check things out.
    as for the electric blues on the black…………..yum yum yum!!!
    thanks for posting a pic.

  9. Oh Fudgey!! {{HUG}} How awful! I hope things are getting back to normal for you. The blue silk on black is just so pretty. HDF silks are loverly, aren’t they?

    Email me if you need a shoulder, Fudgey. {{HUGS again}}

  10. Wow Fudgey, that really sucks. I can’t think of a better word for it. It happened to me years ago with American Express, what a pain, and then you feel so violated and paranoid. I’m so happy to hear things are getting sorted. However that is stress you dont need. On to the eye candy…Love, Love the varigated blues on the black. You are so brave to do 40 ct. on Black. I love stitching on 40 ct. but have trouble with the dark blues and Black as far as seeing the holes. I to am looking forward to pics of Carley. Sending you some gentle (((hugs))) Nance

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