French Filigree update

Sorry i meant to do this th eother day and i got waylaid updating and rearranging my wishlist ( it was fun pretending i had space in my personal stitching to have some of the charts… yeah right..)
So I Thought i should share my progress with my pretty frenchie girl ( definately a girl chart)

for those of you who are not familiar with her , i am sttiching it 1×1 on 35 ct cream weddigen linen using hdf in black and a pink mystery spool… I tend to get sidetracked wandering along creating black spider webs and forgetting to fill them in.. lol

stitched 1x1 on 35 ct using HDF silks , Designed by Michele Sayetta

stitched 1x1 on 35 ct using HDF silks , Designed by Michele Sayetta

If you would like to see a bigger picture check it out HERE
My next picture will not be stitching!!!! hopefully i can post a pic of the Beanie i knitted paul on the weekend , he baggsed my expensive Lapis coloured  Jitterbug wool saying how nice it would look as a beanie for him… ( eyeroll) , so now he has a pretty blue beanie aussie girls check out for the pretty wool, it knits up wonderfully
and after a disaster knitting my 2 ply lace fingerless mitts i decided i could only modify so many times before i was confused as to where i was.. so i started again.. but i am aiming for at least a picture of one completed one in the next update..
what did i learn…. i can not sit a lace mitt down for 2 weeks and come back and remember where i was….. i must make extensive notes about where i am before walking away..
my next stitching pic is also a mystery… do i continue sttiching the very easy not taxing on my small brain Carley cat ( will i ever be able to face a complicated chart again??) or start the as easy Puggle….
speaking of HDF silks… you must check out the site.. Vikki has introduced mini spools for all the solid colours of HDF in SINGLE STRAND both regular and premium….. rejoice 1×1 stitchers , the link to her site is over there —> to the right
and Happy Birthday for tomorrow Kerry (((hugs)))

5 responses to “French Filigree update

  1. This is just gorgeous. I can’t wait to see pics of your knitting.

  2. It is quite girly but so dainty and very very pretty!


  3. pethairxstitcher

    Enabling overload…Isn’t it wonderful to have so many diverse hobbies. I am looking forward to some of your knitting pictures and as soon as I finish my 3rd pair of boring socks, a hat is definately in the works!
    Your little piece of lace stitching is lovely; you made a nice bit of progress there…now off to look at more silks…good thing I hid my CC!

  4. Your Frenchie girl is looking great, fudgey!! want to see a pic of the beanie you made for knitting only consists of scarves, and that was a big step for me. I can crochet, needlepoint, xstitch, etc. and finally can knit scarves….I, think also we need more hours in the day to do all the pretty charts on our wishlist….you are right, Carley Cat and frogie are much easier to stitch..then Viva which I have started also now. Look forward to seeing more on your lovely wips..Hugs.

  5. love the French Filigree. it’s looking so pretty. you have gotten a lot done too.
    looking forward to your pics of the gloves, is there going to be one of teh beanie too?
    thanks for sharing your pretty wips.

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