I would like you to meet the latest supermodel…

My Darling girl Muffy…
when paul would not model his beanie, and there was NO WAY i was, Muffy stepped in and performed as expected,
she thought it was wonderful fun , and was disappointed when we finished… she is used to me putting things on her nose as when i am getting ready to take her for a walk i always stick one of my socks on her nose , playing a joke with her, … to the point if i am slow to do it, she tried to put her nose inthe sock herself… silly girl..

so paul’s beanie.. Using Jitterbug Merino 4ply in lapis, the range can be seen here
using WoollyWormheads Sloppy Joe pattern ( i used double thread)

No i have NO idea why her tongue is sticking out.. mugging at the camera perhaps??

And i assume this is her sexy pose??

Muff y and i have opened negotiations as to whether she will model my fingerless mitts for me or not…
Fudgey the cat with supermodel attitude is NOT impressed with these latest developments


9 responses to “Giggle……

  1. That is just wayyyyy cute. She is such a stunning model and that colour is definitely her colour. This is just what I needed to cheer me up today.

  2. Cute Model. Love the beanie colour as well. um, Fudgeykat in fingerless mitts ..waiting ….

  3. Muffy is gorgeous! She looks fabulous in “her” beanie. Will Paul get it back?

  4. pethairxstitcher

    A super model is born! Look at that pose and that attitude… forget Paul and let Muffy have it, it is her colour – giggle.
    Thanks for the picture, the colour of the wool is amazing, it just glows with intensity!

  5. Do you think that Muffy was giving Dad a “raspberry” while saying ” You only wish you looked this good Dad”… giggle

  6. How cute is Muffy the model!! she has missed her calling for such a long time but now her moment is here. giggle. love the color you chose for the beanie. tis very pretty.
    now as to the supermodel fudgey cat doing fingerless gloves, a picture is worth a thousand words.

  7. Muffy was just the right model. Love the beanie.

  8. I had to laugh with Muffy as the model, dogs are amazing, our golden will let us dress her in anything. Tho I was hoping to see you or Paulie. Love the beanie. The color is perfect. looking forward to muffy modeling the fingeless gloves. *grin* Who know maybe you should sigh him with a dog modeling agency. Then he could bring in the big buck and support you. lol.
    For some reason I dont believe Fudgeykat will be ammenable to modeling the fingerless gloves. Oh I know…..she’s a cat!

  9. Muffy is too cute! Dogs are the most amazing companions…I miss my dog so much…

    The sexy pose is priceless…..

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