wildlife and stitching

I have lots of pictures to share today, and they all have an animal in them…
even the stitching ( lol it is Carley Cat wip)

Firstly the stitching…

as ever i can not get the colours quite right when i get pictures of my silk haed pieces it is really frustrating,
and i owe an apologuy as i forgot to ask paul to photograph Puggle who is a pink and yellow blob atm , but i still did a fair bit of stitching on him… soo maybe next week…

Carley Cat art by Jo Lynch

Carley Cat art by Jo Lynch


next we have the latest Beanie i knitted whilst i was in the car going to and from Cradle mountain over easter, as before the model is Miss Muffin… she is getting used to this photographing thing… the beanie is knitted in some lovely 8 ply i had from the for now closed ( but to be reopened once she survives her move to the usa) The Knittery…sorry i can not remember the name of the colour

Muffy in hiding

Muffy in hiding
Muffy doing her bestest cute muffy look

Muffy doing her bestest cute muffy look

 and then finally 2 pics form our trip to cradle mountain…
I managed to get a wombat picture for paula and Sonya ..
we saw wombie on the first day , on the side of the main road when we went for a walk.. minus the camera..

on the way back from our trek on the second day we walked the same bit of road, i wandered along calling wombie wombie…
till i found him/her.. whilst paul was taking pics of a wallaby we had thought i could offer up instead of the wombie if he/she was a no show, both were literally 5 metres from the side of the main road into cradle …
the sad thing is… that night whilst sitting inthe cooking shelter stitching MINUS the camera ( paul was not stitching, he was playing Spore on my new DSI) TWO young Tassie devils came up to the window and looked in at us… i thought all the tourists where going to have kittens they were all so excited, but alas , no camera to document the excitement

wombat on the road to cradle

wombat on the road to cradle


wallaby on side of the road

wallaby on side of the road


8 responses to “wildlife and stitching

  1. Lots of lovelies .. glad you had a good break away
    Love the Beanie colours, and of course the model. Muffy will be wanting Modeling fees soon
    Carly Cat is comming along fast, so cool!

  2. Gorgeous, as always!
    Muffy is so cute! How nice that she models so nicely for you!
    I envy you so much! I can’t imagine what it must be like to see a wallaby, or a wombat just along side the road! I’ve never seen either in real life. All we have here are deer and squirrels. Pretty tame stuff. It would be a dream trip to visit AUS someday.

  3. Meee-ow! Carley is lovely! Muffy makes the sweetest model. *cooos*

    You have quite the photography skills! I love the wombat and wallaby pics! They’re gorgeous!!


  4. pethairxstitcher

    Squeeeeel! A Wombat! Oh I can just see and hear you calling “Oh Wombie… where are you … come out, come out for Sonya” Thank you Wombie for being so very obliging and also to you JM! (((hugs)))
    Muffy is becoming quite the accomplished model… the beanie suits her… just her colour too!
    and last but not least is Carley… now that is a piece of stitching that is really taking shape! I love how all the negative spaces work to create all the details and shapes….and the little heart one her chest… swoon!

  5. Carley is fantastic. Muffy is the perfect model. Thanks for sharing the pictures of the Wombat and Wallaby. They are fabulous

  6. Whoa!!! absolutely,positively love the wombat with the flowers to boot. how special is that cute creature. and a wallaby as well. you did good girl! both on one outing weekend, now that’s pretty special in my book. thank you sooooo much for sharing those pictures. love them.
    Very happy that you had such good weather for your trip. must have been so beautiful in the mountains. sigh….
    Carley is gorgeous of course. love the colors in her. you have gotten so much done in such a short amount of time.
    All i can say for your newest beanie is that it is really pretty but it’s the model Muffy that makes it even more so. what sweet and kind eyes she has. i bet she is a very dear and loving pet to you.
    Maybe the tazzies will come out again next time. just keep safe from those little demons. giggle.

  7. Great photos – of the stitching and the wildlife 🙂 You have done beautiful work as always.
    Muffy is cute. Looks like she wants to keep the hat.

  8. Oh Fudgey, I always delight in reading your blog and seeing your wonderful pics! Carly looks amazing..just beautiful! Would love to see pics of Puggle. Muffy seems to love to model for you and the beanie is lovely..gorgeous colors in it! What great wildlife you have for photgraphing…thanks for sharing!! HUGS.

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