something different ……

I decided it was time for a change of pace…
those who know me well know i am really battling depression again atm and i thought maybe trying something different might help..
i really liked having a sampler in my model  rotation and was looking around to see if any designer would take a fruit loopy ditzy bubble brain for a model stitcher when Janine from Colours Down Under asked me if i was interested in sttiching some shop model samplers for her …
NOw again those who know me know i swore i would never stitch 2×2 again…. well…
i am
because the piece has a lot of specialty stitches it was a given it would be 2×2
the chart is a Victoria Sampler piece called Jingle Bells Chistmas tree Farm sampler if you scroll to the bottom you will see the specialty stitches.. i am only worried about the plait stitch… but i am sure i will figure it out… lol ( i promise janine i will work it out…)
the fabric is a lovley piece dyed by Janine ,

The Victoria Sampler Design, sttiched on 32 ct linen assorted fibres

The Victoria Sampler Design, sttiched on 32 ct linen assorted fibres

Little miss fussy pot is going to redo the door… it needs another stitch  imo.. lol
I was mega disappointed in the needlework show…
having said that the three Sampler cove pieces  ( first three charts ) released were AWESOME and there are more to come from Diane which is even more exciting I have ordered Taking Flight … technically i could not afford it … but the other chart i really want is so out of my price range that this was my compensation chart… and what a compensation it is!.. Butterlfies galore on this piece … which hardly anyone sees until i point it out… the other two newbies are part of what will be a quartet celebrating Diane’s 4 favourite female singers
fyi the chart i am coveting.. ( not even on my wishlist it is so out of reach) is more about a personal stitching challenge
A number of girlson the HDF board have started it… and the thought  of over 100 rosettes in a vierlanden sampler is very alluring Metta Putfarcken 1848
I knitted a chunky purple scarf last week when my nephews were visiting , but muffy did not get to model it as i was finishing as Noah was walking out the door, He needed to have a scarf for a scarf drive his class was doing for an indian orphange and his mum ( my sis) has been too busy in her new job , so i whipped one up for him in 2 days

11 responses to “something different ……

  1. giggle .. 2×2 oh my, hope you can count better than I am able to!
    stitching does look nice on that pale fabric.
    100 rosettes, though lovely, would drive me batty, well more than I already am. the finished sampler is stunning though
    ((hugs)) and take care of yourself.

  2. Such a pretty new piece. I do like Victoria Sampler pieces. ((hugs))

  3. first off I am floored by the rosette sampler and the butterflies… wow!
    now… that christmas like thingie you are doing… christmas????? and 2 x 2… that is a combination I would not have picked… at least it is not 14 ct. giggle

  4. Just think of it as stitching with big fat crayons!

    Victoria Sampler stuff is preeeeety! I have the Heirloom Christmas Sampler and I’ve yet to start it — but I bring it out to gawk at the chart regularly.

    I’m sorry you’re battling… I know how hard it is. *hugs* You gots lots of friends who worry worry worry and will sneak into your cave to check on you and let you know how much we love you!

  5. Your sampler is looking great so far…lovely stitching!! (I picked up a piece last night that is 2 over 2 and let me tell you, it feels so weird!!) I love the sampler cove pieces..Take flight is really a different looking piece and I like it!
    Hope you are feeling better soon, fudgey….sending lovely thoughts and strong healing vibes your way. HUGS

  6. Love your sampler.And the Sampler Cove one’s are beautiful especially Taking Flight

  7. 2 over 2 WOW. I envy you. It would be more than I could handle.

    Victoria sampler design looks fabulous.

  8. Love your Christmas Sampler. it’s really pretty. lovely stitching of course.
    Taking Flight is gorgeous and for me Siam fusion is really special too.
    looking forward to what colors you choose to use for Taking Flight.
    you are such an enabler, now you have me looking and that’s not good. giggle. you always get me on the samplers. thanks for sharing your new projects.
    a knitted scarf in 2 days?????? whew. now that is fast!!!!
    hope you feel better soon. (((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))

  9. I just love your stitching but you already know that! 🙂 I checked out the Metta chart and my god IT’S HUGE!!! And just as expensive… Wow imagine that cost in A$!! eek! As for Sampler Cove…. you know my feelings on that subjuct **giggle** ((Hugs))

  10. Your stitching looks wonderful as always. I hear ya about the 2 over 2 deal, I find it somewhat intimidating now. Imagine that. Hope your spirits are better soon. sending big cyber hugs. ((((hugs))))

  11. Beautiful work as always. I hope stitching it will help with your blues. In the mean time lots of hugs coming your way (((((hugs)))))

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