Carley Update

As i have been hinting at my stitching mojo is very much absent at the moment so the updates are a bit slow at the moment

Here is Carley.. i had to physically rip myself away from trying to reach the same volume as i would once have sttiched in a week,  i love how the fugue and chrysocolla blue colours are stitching up to the bottom left…

just to recap i am stitching her on 28 ct angels wings jobelan from Stitches and Spice using HDF silks 1×1

art by Jo Lynch , stitched 1x1 with hdf on 28 ct jobelan

art by Jo Lynch , stitched 1x1 with hdf on 28 ct jobelan

here is also the first look at Fairy Charity a HAED chart form Myrea Pettit’s gorgeous artwork…
there isn’t much to see atm as i was testing the fabric to make sure the colour was ok with the lovley soft tones of the artwork , it looks wonderful irl but a little light on the scan..
it is stitched on 28 ct jobelan from Stitches and Spice in a shade called Bush Morning using HDF silks

art by Myrea pettit

art by Myrea pettit

a big thankyou to the special fairy who sent me Metta , i am very spoiled as i have been gifted some lovely charts in recent months , and then another fairy saved me by sending an hdf voucher , just when i needed it most!! so thankyou all my special friends i am way way in to your debt

My dilemma is which one of Metta or Taking Flight ( which is on its way ) to start…
as i was saying to my fairy who gifted me Metta… i really do not know what colour to sttich it…
i have drawn a blank

Taking flight i more or less have the colours in my mind

and a final thought about silks..
red fans check out vikki’s new red .. beredded… it is stunning, you can get it on the front page , but scroll down in
this forum post  to see a stunning picture of it ( second picture ) and i created a new colour.. fudgue blue/suepurple and black … vikki says the finished product looks like Old Maid Of the Abyss … see pic below on steroids … which sounds pretty cool to me… it is avaialbale to order if such a colour appeals to you… just click here if you like SSR silk

Old Maid of the Abyss sample

Old Maid of the Abyss sample



oops edited to add…. i also knitted half a lace scarf…….


9 responses to “Carley Update

  1. My message just go eaten~! I was saying that you have lots of lovely eye candy for us.
    I love Carley. I can never get silks to scan or photo.
    Fairy charity is going to look great on that fabric, love the name.

  2. This will be a so precious cat ! An unique one !

  3. I love your Carley… she’s so bright! Taking Flight… you naughty enabler, you! *sigh* I didn’t look too closely at this chart until you linked it… now I *have* to have it as colors for it have already leaped into my head. Our LNS is going out of business (WAH!) and we’re heading over there tomorrow where I hope to grab the silks for it. (And the chart if she has it… otherwise I’ll order it.)


  4. Charlie is so adorable! (I know I’ve already said that several times!) Fairy Charity in silk! SQUEEEEE!!! Can’t wait to see more of that one!!!! So… Are you thinking fudgue blue/suepurple and black for Metta? I would love to see I pic of it, sounds yummy. ” on steroids ” does that mean brighter or darker? I just can’t get a picture in my head.
    Since you’re having a hard time deciding which to start between Taking Flight and Metta, why not start both?

  5. I see you snuck in an update while I was not looking… I love seeing all your progress and to think that you are now doing the new Myrea Petit in silks… it looks so delicate and fragile… pure delight.
    Glad that you have been spoilt…you needed a pick me up! (((hugs)))

  6. WOW You have been busy. Can’t wait to see more of Fairy Charity. Love the Fabbie

  7. Love Carley. you have gotten so much done on her. love those beautiful bright colors. she is gorgeous!
    so admire you and your knack for doing all those pretty pale colors. your fabric looks so pretty.
    the sampler rocks!!! love the combination you’re doing.
    so happy you got such wonderful gifts. goodness knows you deserve them dear Fudgey Faery Queen.
    know you will have a lot of fun choosing threads for Taking Flight and Metta. you are my Goddess of Choosing Threads so looking forward to what you choose.
    take good care Fudgikins.
    ((((((((((((((((((((((((lots of hugs))))))))))))))))))))))))))0

  8. Why did I look – now I’m back to craving silks again. I must not give in, I must not give in 🙂

    Beautiful stitching as always. Of course, now I’m going to have to go and see what the charity fairy looks like. I’m so out of touch with things these days – makes it easier to stay on the wagon 😉

    Hope you get out of your stitching funk soon. And looking forward to seeing the finished scarf.


  9. Carley is wonderful, Fudgey!! and the little fairy is too!! What is metta? Isn’t Taking flight the one with butterflies? I keep picturing charts in silk all the time……you enabler, you! Hugs

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