a few small pics

I just wanted to share a few very colourful pictures with you.. whilst my shoulder has been bad i had to just do straight sampler ish type sttiching with my right hand…
i never realised how important my 2 handed sttiching was for haed sttiching!

I started Sampler Cove’s Taking Flight… mentioned in an earlier post
I knew what fabric and what main colour…
Vikki’s limited edition pale pink linen 35 ct  from her LOTM ( this months) and an enchanter rose combo of the darkest three enchanter roses , but the other colour was a mystery to me.. i tested 5 , and the two favs i asked peoples opinions on the hdf board… Vikki, sharon and Vicky being trouble makers reckoned i should use both…
the jury is still out on that for me , but i decided to do the first full row of Butterflies before making a decision..
so i welcome peoples feedback… Blue, Green, or both??

Designed by Sampler Cove 1x1 on 35 ct linen

Designed by Sampler Cove 1x1 on 35 ct linen


HERE is a bigger pic… the green is greener , the blue is bluer

Next is a little sampler i whipped up to go in a show off pen…
it was sort of a tester for some of the colours i have been creating in silks
stitched 1×1 on 35 ct 

my design, 1x1 on 35 ct using HDF silks

my design, 1x1 on 35 ct using HDF silks

and next is the latest colour i created and the start of my big wild colours sampler…. after thinking i would be doing it as a quaker i changed my mind and am doing a sort of quaker motif plus bands sampler…. some how.. i have ideas in my head, but what comes out on the fab is a mystery!

2241-43/6111-13 silk combo 1x1 on 35 ct linen

2241-43/6111-13 silk combo 1x1 on 35 ct linen


yes Sonya the purples are the Sue purples.. i have been playing


8 responses to “a few small pics

    Did I say I like the blue?

  2. I’m with the other trouble makers – use both 🙂

    I do like some of those colours you’ve been playing with. I can see my hiatus of silk buying coming to a close soon 🙂

  3. I like the blue!

    I have my Taking Flight colors, but the fabric and chart are still on order.

    You know, you could go into the color business, lady. You’re SO good at it!

    Fix that shoulder! *HUGS*

  4. Simple is good, I say limit it to the blues… (of course now that I said that, you will be adding a 3rd colour 😉 ) it looks wonderful btw and so lovely a design. It will be stunning.
    Love the brightness of your colours; a very happy mix of shades.
    Hugs and follow Sue’s advice… fix that nasty shoulder!

  5. another blues choice. looks great!
    love the colors you’re playing with, the brights are really pretty. you’re doing a beautiful job with your project. do hope the shoulder cooperates. thanks for sharing the pics.

  6. Looks fabulous. You are so good with colors. I know you will pick the right one. Hope your shoulder is better real soon.

  7. I think once you stitch some more of Taking Flight, the green and the blue threads will start to make a huge effect…. the green won’t be too overpowering because the blues will get way more fabric space and I think they really set off the pink silk….. there, that’s my opinion!!!! LOL… It’s just a shame you can’t get real life colours into pictures, I know that all too well!

    As for the big wild colour sampler, I have some ideas but I still need to sit down and look at bands. My Chrysocolla spools are on their way from Vikki and I can hardly wait 😉 What you have done so far has given me some ideas.

  8. I’m with Louanne on this one, blue, blue, blue. Somehow it works for me. I do like the green, but the blue was my first instinct. Please take care of that shoulder. Your color’s look wonderful. You do have an eye. ((((hugs)))) Nance P.S. I just had this visual of you sitting on the floor with your HDF solid color book doing twists. When I get started I can’t stop. lol.

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