fairy charity wip

i wavered whether to show this or not..
as it doesn’t look like much, even though i have stitched and stitched and stitched
the left hand reeds are 99% done, the water around the pad is half done and the pad has been started, the bright blue starting on the pad is another frog foot to match the one i have already done… Colours are all a bit washed out as people who own the fugue blues will be able to atest as it is a lot brighter that froggie foot IRL an d the fab is a lot greener

stitched 1x1 on Stitches and Spice Bush Morning 28 ct Jobelan and HDF silks Artist Myrea Petit

stitched 1x1 on Stitches and Spice Bush Morning 28 ct Jobelan and HDF silks Artist Myrea Petit


and a bigger pic HERE

I am now taking a week to do a bit of personal stitching for my Nephew Amos.. when he saw this pic on the Laptop he was besotted and the universal opinion was it was him to a T..
So i will be stitching Ferocious Beastie By Arelate Studio … Nancy Spies He will be stitched 1×1 with the HDF Silk Brights, but he will be bright blue not red and i will put Amos’s name above it and make it into a door sign for his bedroom door
I would like to really give Nancy a big rap here as she only charged me $2.00 for postage to Australia.. When most USA sellers are trying to make us pay ridiculous amounts for 1 chart ( one company dared to ask for $12 usd FOR ONE CHART TO BE POSTED) and her emails were delightful…

hopefully in a week i will have two small finishes to show you!!

and new chart lust… this one is the next in my obsessions .. yes i know i have heaps of chart obsessions ( as my wishlist will show lol)

 Language of Flowers by Rosewood Manor  I am glad i had not started A Garden Grew as i like this one more


8 responses to “fairy charity wip

  1. It’s really so tiny !!!
    I must admit : you are the Best !!!
    Admiration !

  2. I love that floating froggie foot! I’m going absolutely bonkers waiting for my linen to arrive for Fragile AND Taking Flight.

    Language of Flowers is YOU! You gotta get it and start it!

    I can’t wait to see your Ferocious Beastie finish. It’s going to look GREAT on someone’s door!


  3. I know what you mean about stitching so long and not looking like you’ve done much. I found that last time I was working on a HAED it just didn’t seem like I’d done anything much even though I’d put in quite a few hours. I’m working on some of my 2×2 WIPs at the moment to help with that feeling (and because I’d love to get something finished this year).

    Despite that your stitching is lovely and the colours too. I look forward to seeing more of this picture come to life and especially seeing more of that blue frog. And of course your ferocious beastie finish.

    I have to giggle each time you mention a new sampler that you want to do because I remember not so many years ago a conversation between you, Kerry and myself about samplers. You said that you thought you would only ever do one sampler in your life (as you weren’t really into them) and that a particular chatelaine was the one that would most tempt you. It just shows how over time our tastes and preferences can change. Of course, in your case, I completely blame the silkies 🙂


  4. pethairxstitcher

    Arrrrrrrgh! My post got eaten and to think I had just written the most witty of comments too…. dang! No use trying to reconstruct it, my blond senile mind just went blank at the same time as the screen.
    Love those blue toes and as I am one of those that has not seen this blue irl all I can say is WOW! I am so glad that you posted this… purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
    I see that a certain young man is getting spoilt by a loving auntie… as well he should! I bet he is one of those young minds that does get your stitching and loves your work… it will be a dragon to be proud of!
    That Sampler you are now eyeing is too lovely…I think it is the prettiest of the flower samplers i have seen too! Is it in your hands already?

  5. Looks like a lot of stitches in your pretty frog piece and the blue is yummy!
    Amos is going to love is very on door sign. bet it will be very cute when all done, looking forward to seeing it.
    As for the sampler, thud! love it. bet it will be beautiful irl. Rosewood Manor has some beautiful samplers and this is one of my favorites. but then what’s not to love with all those lovely flowers.

  6. I can see why you did hours of stitching on the Petit piece and didn’t feel like you got much done. I think it looks like you got a fair amount done, considering the blending of those colors, and I love the frog foot. Amos is going to be so delighted to have the draggie stitched for him by Aunt JM, you picked. (or he picked, an adorable piece) I hope it goes fast for you and Amos so he can enjoy it ASAP. As far as Language of Flowers it’s amazing. I have And a garden grew. I’m hard pressed to pick a fav. I’m leaning towards your opinion and am thinking Language is more beautiful. I wonder what the stitch count is on that puppy and most importantly, is Vikki going to do a conversion?? (like she did with garden grew) That is a sampler I would love to do in silks. Possibly NPI”s but it probably has over 100 colors, lol. Consider you enabling me again. I can’t get the sampler right now, but in the future. Oh Ya! What a fun stitch that would be. I wish I could find a bigger picture of it.

  7. I just found the stitch count on the sampler by rosewood. 258×258. Not so bad. Considering the Sarah Moore (I’m about half way done now) by Reflets is 405×405. Why cant I ever pick a small project. lol

  8. Fudgey..You are a very busy bee! I think you have been getting alot of stitching done (such perfect little stitches on your piece!..as usual!!) plus “daydreaming” about the pretty flower sampler! Amos is a lucky little guy to have sweet Auntie JM stitch him the beastie!! I have been doing more “stashing” than “stitching” lately and need to put some stitches in some of my many wips!! You do inspire me! Hugs

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