Girly girly stitching and knitting

I set off for my week away full of wonderful plans to stitch ferocious beastie for Amos , all kitted all my silkies etc etc etc..
settled down at mums the night before we flew out to start it, and discovered the chart was not in the folder of charts i had…
So after a minor petit tantrum…lol i rallied and picked through the charts in the to do folder and the random mystery mini’s in the bottom of my stitching bag and started the chart i won as a door prize in the recent online stitching show
Spring Lace from Whispered by the wind stitched on 45 ct navy bean graziano linen ( dyed by lakeside linen) 1×2 with a girly pinky peachy mystery spool …. the colour is a bit off… the linen is more cream, the colours more peachy


I also knitted a big chunk of a second scarf for michele, not the one i intended to start, but the wool michele had chosen did not match the design so i went with a new design.. the wool is gorgeous, Colinette’s Jitterbug in Sweet Dreams , which is a perfect spring colour for those snowy days she has in spring … the pattern  is called
Column of leaves


she recommends pressing it after knitting an di can see why…
but paul wanted to try out his new phone camera… so that is where the pics came from.. pretty good really…


sorry to all who have been waiting for me to email them etc.. i have done my usual and come back form a trip and been really sick with a migraine and sinus issues … i should be back to normnal tomorrow and doing BB stuff etc


7 responses to “Girly girly stitching and knitting

  1. I love WBTW charts and the one you won is going to stitch up beautifully. The colours in the scarf are just gorgeous ((hugs))

  2. Welcome home! *hugs*

    Beautiful work!

    Feel better! You’re not supposed to have sinus things going on during cold times!

  3. pethairxstitcher

    Looks like you have filled the empty minutes on your vacation with very productive handiwork… Pauls phone camera has not done a bad job (for a phone) and one can see the colours as being very girly indeed. So sorry that Amos did not get his draggie partly stitched at least but what you have done is very lovely indeed.
    Welcome home and rest so that you feel better soon!

  4. Glad you had a get away. love the mini and the colors are yummy!
    your knitting looks so pretty. Michele will love the scarf.
    get rid of the migraine and sinuses so you will feel like doing all that stitching that awaits for Amos’s dragon.

  5. You were a lot more productive on your holiday than I was on mine 🙂
    Everything looks gorgeous.
    That scarf pattern is on my list of things to do … one day

  6. Welcome home! Hope you had a good trip away despite the migraine and sinus troubles on your return

    Lovely draggie substitutes. And I really like that scarf pattern – I’m going to look at it in terms of converting to a baby blanket pattern. I’m going to try my hand at one since a friend of mine is pregnant. Seems to be contagious – every where I turn people are dropping sprogs.

    So now you are home and have your draggie at hand, do you still plan to start him?


  7. Welcome back my dear, we missed you. ((hugs)) I hope your ailments go away soon. And you will be back to your normal state of chaos. lol. That 45 ct. fab is stunning. I have a piece of that color, just in 40 ct. tho. It goes so well with the silk. The coverage looks excellent. The scarf pattern is quite beautiful. Sorry to hear you forgot Amos’s draggie. But I know you and you won’t dissapoint. Don’t fret you will get it done and Amos will love it. The chart you are stitching on the 45 ct. is lovely. I really hadn’t noticed it before you pointed it out. It’s going to be a stunner. More ((hugs))

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