things calling me from nashville…


if you are like me and can not find enough hours in a day for sttiching everything you already have..

look no further.. go stitch..

unless you are also like me and love stash….
these are the things calling me from nashville..
number one with out a doubt right now is the Seasons of The Trees by Rosewood manor
i have always loved their Forest Grew one , but did not like the verse in the middle.. i at one stage searched for a more fudgeyesque poem or quote about nature but gave up.. now this one has been released i am very happy i have always wanted a tree sampler in my rotation..
Season Of The Trees 

from here on it the list is in no real order just as they appear as i work through the pages of the website i am on

these next three are of no use to me as are, but i think they would make wonderful needlebook designs or just little samoplers.. i really do not need cheque book covers and the like.. i mean i doubt i even know how to write a cheque now lol. these are all from one of my fav designers Primitive tradtions

Cheque Book Keeper , Spectacles Pocket, Card Purse

i need this little dude to go with my french Country Kitty..

JBW French Country Dog and whilst on JBW .. i really like this little spring kit too… but i doubt anyone in aus will carry it and i can not be bothered paying the extra for a kit i will pull apart no doubt and replace the cotton with silk ..cos i am fudgey…
A Merry Little Spring Kit

Next and probably the thing i wanted the most until i saw the tree one is this one by Bygone Stitches.. they really are producing lovely work.. BUT they ned to work on their promotion shots, the pic looks awful imo.. Quaker Virtues

this beautiful one by Sampler cove to go with Spanish Rouge.. which i STILL do not own.. but i think i like the bleu one better anyway so…
 Spanish Bleu

Blackvelvet Inscription sampler.. from Blue Ribbon Designs.. I have red .. i want blue and i definately want this one too.. i like to collect series it would seem..

next is the awesome Courtney Collection stuff.. there are a heap of her charts being released .. i wl just put a few here , but watch out for this designer she is really awesome, her work is a breath of fresh air IMO
I like Pelican  ( pic could be better imo) Maidens Fair  and Alpha bleu best i think.. just wish her stuff was a bit cheaper..
the next few i preorderd when i was feeling really ill yesterday to cheer myself up… thanks to my gift voucher from Paula …. thankyou sweet one it was perfect timing for a splurge..
Quaker Turtles .. ( yes Vicky i ordered them..), Butterfly garden silk pack with free chart.. screams needle book or biscornu to me.. The Purr fect bookmark .. cos paula and i are both stitching them… thats right isn’t it Paula??

and not a nashville release , but also bought with my birthday/xmas voucher from paula
a new addtion to my Samplers and Such Collection.. i love this designer.. Quaker Style friendship sampler .. for obvious reasons…

there are other things but i can’t get links to them they are on full pages with no special links.. but i think i covered most of my favs..
i lost my planned sunday of sttiching to another ugly migraine the festivale trip was too much for me

but on a positive i FINALLY finished my RR piece.. poor diane probably thinks i have left the country.. vicky if i can work out how to get a full pic of her i will post it..

that exclusive full service hotel is looking more and more appealing.. just a month .. thats all i need…

edited to add..

i forgot…

check out this new mystery sal.. one band every 2 months.. a Spanish style Sampler by the awesomely talented Periphaeria Designs,, i have a lot of her biscornu charts . This is her first big design and she is doing it as a freebie mystery until it is complete, and then it will disappear and come back as a chart to purchase…
Periphaeria Designs the link is in the second paragraph…


4 responses to “things calling me from nashville…

  1. Oh dear fudgey..I now have eye candy overload….love the Season of trees and several of the others that you have pointed out to take a look at… I am one of the people that loves stash so of course I had to look at all of them and drool a little! Hope you are feeling better..migraines are no fun..been there many times. Hugs to you. take care.


  2. Migraines suck – hope you are feeling better?!

    Season of Trees is lovely and I like Quaker Virtues (agree with you about the crappy pic though) but what I really like the sound of is the Spanish Sampler Mystery SAL!! ‘Cos I need another SAL to join this year – lol 🙂

  3. Sooooo sorry about the Migraine. now that SUCKS! hope you’re doing better today.
    when i started reading your list i started laughing my butt off. you know why????? cos i had earmarked as gotta haves just about every one you had. oh, and the Trees was number 1. haven’t ordered my kitty ….. yet. i’m waiting to make a list of what i can get at one time. probably not a lot but Trees and Kitty are at the top. still chuckling about your list and mine being so similar.
    gonna try to keep up with the mystery sal but i’m such a flake who knows. but at my age being flakey is good cos it proves i’m still up and kicking. lol.
    sooo glad you were able to get your goodies at the perfect time. yay!!!!!
    take good care and here’s to feeling good!!!

  4. Good Morning! I just saw you in the Periphaeria newsletter. Congrats on winning!
    ❤ Tash

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