Another Finish

i completed MY Hearts Sampler last night.
I was going to do an extra row with my own hearts , that i designed a few weeks back, but i decided i was ready to move on.. i have other HDF sampler plans, including a black version of this sampler

all the details are listed below, a number of the colours i list as limited edition are actually available on the HDF site atm as skeins, Vikki has a limited number of skeins available for some of these colours, it is worth checking out, i can help with matching names to numbers if you need to , just email me

My Hearts Sampler by Caron Collection stitched on 34 ct white legacy linen 1×1 (bought from
Shakespeare’s Peddler )
row 1.. carries passionfruit, blueberry soup, orb, rose bush ( d) velvet midnight combo
row 2 cairbbean eve, golden nectarine, summerskye ( d) lavender and rose, nosegay combo ( LE )
row 3 kailslaw /winterberried, yondersky,raspberry creme(d) paua,underbelly
row 4 strawberry shortcake ( LE) peach melba (d) Iris (d) russian sage, pinklemonade ( LE)
row 5 mermaidblue/jadeite/velvet midnight combo (LE), conch horn combo  (LE)( my foray into silk colours), acts of violets, mystery spool, zaffre cobalt
row 6 mystery spool which looked like pastel ( stripes running top right to bottom left) and an aqua combo ( LE) ,
lilac mist combo( LE)/ Lemon meringue (LE),  2301/2311/2313/2117(LE), 1361/1363/2121 (LE) tartyknickers (LE)

my hearts hdf

for a bigger Picture CLICK HERE


and finally there are a few finished pieces here on The Stitching Post online Needlework Competition that i think you will recognise.. Mel has at least three in there , Sharon has one and someone else has one as well……..
check out page four especially and look for mira maidens, haed, long dog and martina dey finishes..
if any of my other stitchy friends entered please let me know.. it is just i missed it not that i am ignoring you…


9 responses to “Another Finish

  1. Oh, and what a stunning finish it is. Sooooooooo many yummy colours. well done 🙂

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous GORGEOUS!

  3. Fudgey it turned out to be a beautiful hearts piece. love your colors.

  4. It’s gorgeous!

  5. It’s absolutely , positively wonderful…soo very all your colors you used.l.ooks like such fun to use different colors and have fun as you go..I want this chart now… did an awesome stitching job…..Hugs

  6. You have done an amazing job on My Hearts, I just love the colours you chose and I’m sure you’ve enabled lots of people with Vikki’s skeins lol.

  7. That is JUST GORGEOUS!!!

  8. Be still my heart! It is just too lovely for words.

  9. Congrats on another finish! They all look great and I’m looking forward to seeing your next project.

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