Serenity and Purple-icious updates

here are my two wip pics for the week..

On Serenity the solid ish green flower motif at the bottom is only 1/2 done  as that is the size of the scanner i am hoping to get the top right hand corner finished next rotation and then there will be no more pics until i do the band of 40 odd stitches wide right across the bottom so i only have to do the photostitch thing once

there is a bigger picture HERE

I used the new OLd Maid of the Abyss on the next section of my spot sampler it does not stand out as much there as i would like so underneath there is a big junkof the J i also stitched  on Heritage de lettres last friday so you can see how deep it is.. of course thse who own the sue purple range know that the purple does not scan well especially next to the black .. the purple bit of it is the same as the final motif i am stitching on the sampler .. the half motif to the left.. so you can imagine how wonderfulit looks IRL

there is a bigger image HERE

and the better pic of Old Maid of The Abyss


next stop a concerted effort to knock off another big chunk of Lady in the Meadow

and in closing a link for Aussie girls who want pure wool felt for needle books etc.. well really anyone but us aussie girls have more trouble sourcing these things than other people in say the USA.. Felt Craft Studio
she has both a 40/60 blend felt and a pure wool felt..
no i have not ordered any yet but i intend to


4 responses to “Serenity and Purple-icious updates

  1. pethairxstitcher

    I am too busy wiping the drool off my keyboard to say much else…you have got to stop showing me all those lovely purples! “drip, drip, drip….giggle”

  2. Wow Fudgey, they all look beautiful! (not that I am surprised really).

  3. WOW They are both stunning. Great work. The purples are fabulous.

  4. Gorgeous! Fudgey, what you’ve accomplished is just fantastic. love both color ways you’ve used. you have a great eye for those yummy threads.

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